Beautiful Sublime Easter Beans Sunday

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Hello Hello to all you wonderful Hivians

Today this post is for #SublimeSunday which is inspired by @c0ff33a and #BeautifulSunday initiated by @ace108.

Beautiful Sublime Easter Beans Sunday.png

Well that was a bit of fun, just playing around with Canva, all I wanted to know what was the best image size to be shown completely in thumbnails and I ended playing with shapes... Enough with going down a fluffing rabbit hole!!!


So not only is today a beautiful and sublime Sunday, it is also Easter Sunday.

So to everyone who celebrates Happy Easter...


Over here it is the day of eggs, chocolate eggs by the dozen.

When you are a chocoholic like me it means chocolate heaven!

And this is probably my favourite ...


Terry's Chocolate Orange egg .... except this is a MINT one, and oh so delicious it is, and so rare, I hardly ever see it...

Corny and cute wee line on the back ....

You Drive Me COCOA .... We're MINT To Be

So open wide, and have a piece of this....


Actually it seems to be a food day, this morning I used up things that needed eating up.

And knocked up a tasty wee breakfast..


Croissants with melted cheese ham and boiled eggs with a side of pretzels.

Seriously tasty with a coffee and started the day off in the right way.

I asked Mrs T yesterday what she wanted to eat for our Easter meal..

I was thinking of roast lamb or something.


So off I toddled to the grocery store?

I only had my phone, which meant I could only take close up pictures etc, I was not in the mood to haul back groceries and carry my camera.

First up was rather a petulant raven...


Out came Eddie Wildlife who found out that he is Rake the Raven.


It turns out that Rake the Raven is a devilishly handsome fellow who told me he had been named by @jhymi who knew!

He also had a message for @jhymi

Smile it's better than you think


I tell you what, sun yes sun and blue skies arrived this weekend!

It is still nippy but it is starting to feel like Spring and that Winter has fluffed off for another year!


I don't know about you but I always associate Easter time with yellow daffodil and yellow primrose flowers.

Of course there are plenty of others around but that is what I remember from my childhood!

And so to the shop, Morrison's in fact ....

And fluff me did I get a shock when I found what Mrs T wanted for her Easter food....


Pinto beans! This is when I was thinking of @dswigle and her Market Friday community, I do hope everything is well with you Denise, but I did spy you this week in Discord updating Gina to Friday ... and then I spied you on your last post from August last year..

I hope everything is good with you and come back to us soon 💙

I digress... last year these were £1.05 then went to £1.30 now they are £1.89 that is almost double!

Actually I get an Amazon subscribe and save deliver of Pinto Beans (funnily enough from Morrison's) that is much cheaper, but we have only one packet left and the next delivery is not until the middle of March.

As I make up 750 g at a time, that meant running to the shop ...



Tuck in they are fluffing delicious!


Thank you for visiting ...

What about your Easter Sunday?
Do/Did you celebrate it ...


All images and ramblings are from me, the mad Scotsman TengoLoTodo unless otherwise stated.


Haste Ye Back!

@tengolotodo March 31st 2024

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Sunday with chocolate, eggs, croissants and pinto beans ... sounds great. 🙃

I have chocolate ice cream and those beans I can make tomorrow ;)

Well that sounds like a plan!


I'm just glad you're doing well, happy, creative, and that you shared your sublime Sunday.

I am doing well, today is a holiday here for Easter Monday. I am still wishing I was at Villa Nani though for a beer barbeque and a bit of your birthday cake 😜

I wish you could! We had a lot of celebration here over the weekend. But I'm back at work today.


We had a lot of celebration here over the weekend

Make me jealous why don;t you !

Ah well, one day, enjoy work 😄

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I love rakes!
And yeah, Rake the Raven seems like such a delightful fellow and if you see him next time, let him know that I received his message and would do so according.

Thank you, T. You're amaze-balls.🥰


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Happy Easter Sunday to you! It's wonderful to see the excitement for special day. Your MINT Terry's Chocolate Orange egg has a nice package and your Pinto beans came out looking nice.

Happy Easter belated by a day. Some great food there! I'm a pinto bean fan myself, but my favorites are Anasazi beans. They're hard to find and usually overpriced, but taste great!

Looks like spring is in full force there! I can't wait to travel to Scotland!

Pinto beans are rare over here, it is only because Mrs T is from Colorado that I know about them and they are tasty. Anasazi beans now those I need to find out about!
Spring lol it went back to winter to herald in spring today!

That's great to hear about spring! Anasazi beans are a little sweeter and just taste great. They are a little expensive here too. Apparently they were found in an old Anasazi settlement, but the beans were still able to grow even though it had been hundreds of years!

Your Sunday was great, there were chocolates that I really liked.
I spent Sunday with my daughter celebrating Easter and her birthday. It was also a happy Sunday like yours. We ate chocolate ice cream. Spring has arrived in your garden, congratulations. 🥰🌼🌺

 2 months ago  

You did spy me, although I promise I wasn't hiding. :) I did update Gina, when I logged back into social media, I saw five notifications saying she was shutting down. It was then that I realized how long I had been gone!

Thanks for the shoutout~! I missed everyone! Still catching up!