A furry friend who gets along with water 😀hhh lol..

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The weather is quite hot these days, the little ducks don't want to get away from the water. every two hours they always swim into the pool to cool off. I watched them and it was unusual for this to happen with them.

yes, I understand his behavior. and recently the weather is also very hot, maybe that is the reason.


as usual his behavior. after swimming into the pool. then they went looking for a place where there was no direct sunlight, puffing out their wet fur. and also clean the remaining water on the wings so they are dry.


because the weather will not always be the same. so I understand their lives. therefore, I have prepared a place for them to take shelter from the hot weather. such as planting small trees in the pool area and also making some small roofs to avoid direct sunlight. that way, I will no longer panic about being threatened with their lives by changing weather.

if one of you is looking after them! maybe this could be an experience (tips) that are useful for you to maintain them.

Thanks you
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What a nice place you have created for them to live! Lucky ducks!