Feathered Friends - SMaP Contest Round 163 - A plush bird

Greeting friends.
Hi, @nelinoeva.

This week's theme (ROUND 163)

What's happening? Where's the food? Give me food!
That's probably how this yellow-green bird screamed in its bird language in a tree outside my window.
That's it! The end! The holiday is over, all the treats are over and the circus has left. Arrive in November, when snow appears on the soil and there will be food in the feeder immediately.
I stopped putting food in the feeder, but a small number of birds still continue to fly in and look into the empty feeder. There were 2 of these feeders. On Saturday, I saw that the oldest feeder had no bottom, it had fallen off. If the feeder hadn't completely collapsed, then I would have continued to put seeds in the feeder.

But I was interested in this bird. She looked like a plush child's toy. A bright plush bird. As a child, I had a plush brown bear cub that growled if you tilted it. This bird reminded me of such a toy.

The bird sat on the branch for about 5 minutes. She was clearly in no hurry. She has survived the winter, there is a warm summer ahead and an abundance of food around. You can sit and sing songs. What else is needed for happiness?

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Good luck and have fun


What a great looking little bird. I liked this picture because it seems that the bird saw something and wasn't too impressed.


Thanks for your comment.
Didn't you think that this little bird looked like a young fighting rooster who saw an opponent?
Maybe this bird saw me outside the window?


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What a sweet little bird! Fantastic photos!

Thanks for the comment. I will convey to her your admiration for her.

Beautiful pictures of sweet little bird.

🙏🙏🙏 Thanks for your comment. 🙏🙏🙏

Wow! such a cutie chick 🐤🐤🐤

How delightful, these little birdie is such a cutie. 🙂
And ut really looks like a toy.

I think I did not see your link under my post.