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Hello Bird Lovers !

I will send 100 Ecency Points to each featured post in this edition

and I could tip some of your posts along the week with Ecency Points to reward their authors, so

keep up the qualitative and regular participation in FF community ! 😊

and now,

let's have a look to this week selection between the wonderful posts shared into the community recently 🦅 🐦🐣

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I've made a (totally subjective) selection for you,

but I want to remind you first the current contest in the community :

*SMAP contest has its 154th round and this is a FREE THEME

so be prepared to make a nice post for @nelinoeva 's contest 😉

photo by @nelinoeva

Five winners and each winner will receive 2 Hive and 500 Ecency POINTS.
Each valid entry will receive 50 Ecency Points as a tip!


And now, let's give some love to my personal selection of this week !

The selection is from oldest to newest post😉

The marsh tit (Poecile palustris) came to the feeding site by @marianomariano


Feathered Friends: Show Me A Photo #SMaP Contest Round 154 by @ellenripley


Owl sitting on a tree by @florian-glechner


Woodpecker in the winter forest by @nilpan


Pajaros....Birds by @vicent21


Birdwatching - 1879 🐦(+Video) by @ratel


don't forget to visit also other people's publications in the FF community 😊

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This was my personal and subjective choice among the wonderful posts we discovered along the week,
and the whole feathered team thank_you_poussin.png all for your participation to the community's life ! 😍


I'm impatient to see your next posts !

As a curator for the community, I appreciate that your publications have more than two or three images, but also that there is text to accompany them,
Quality of the images is one of my much enjoyable criteria of course ( a smartphone can also take very nice photos), and I also like informations that shows that you have taken care of your post and therefore your audience 😉

You must post directly into the community to receive curation support

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The hashtag #SMAP is only to use for post participating to the contest 😉



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and to @ecency that supports posts on the community !



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Bye-bye ! 😊

See you on my next Featured Feathered Friends publication !


As always BlueWonkies are supporting communities ! 👇

Amazing Nature community by @adalger




Always a Flower community by @dswigle




Market Friday by @dswigle




Feel Good community by @barbara-orenya




Hello dear friend @barbara-orenya good morning

What a beautiful selection. My congratulations to all the featured authors, they have presented photographs of beautiful birds

I wish you all a splendid afternoon

All of the pictures look so lovely that I can’t even pick a favorite
Kudos to the photographers

yes they are ! thank you for them @rafzat

These are amazing and beautiful photos 💕

Thank you so much for this wonderful mention

Thank you very much for the mention again.

My pleasure, this owl was too great not to be featured indeed ! 😄

Beautiful birds



Hello; @barbara-orenya

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Thank you very much for the mention @barbara-orenya. 🥰