The conversation of the birds|| Fable

In a beautiful blue sky, two pigeons were talking. They talked about how wonderful it was to cross the sky and feel the breeze penetrating their wings.Their conversation was so pleasant that another bird of the same species approached, three pigeons had gathered to talk about how beautiful it was to be a bird.

IMG-20211011-WA0013 (2873).jpg
While they talked they could see how other birds passed around them, some bigger than them, others smaller. Some with long wings and others small, they realized that despite being different they all shared the same passion, to fly and enjoy the trip.

With his beautiful song the Canary arrived, with his golden yellow plumage, he told them that although he was small he had a big heart and that they always went out as a couple to explore the landscapes of his beautiful city, and I introduce his partner who was resting on a wall near him.

The conversation was intense and from outside I could only hear several birds sing.
The birds laughed and kept talking about how far they had flown with their wings, some faster than others, others more agile too, but nothing stopped them when they wanted to get to a place.They all became friends and invited anyone who wanted to come along, for a walk or just to talk.

This is a little story from my imagination, to show you some photos of birds, which I have taken some time ago and had reserved in my gallery.

Hello @carmenm20. I was wondering where was the outdoor background for the photos showing them in their natural environment?

hello @justclickindiva the background is sky. I took the photos from top to bottom. the sky looks very blue

Lovely story! What a good imagination you have! 😊

hahaha, thank you very much

Really? And I thought they were talking about the weather and how beautiful it was for flying.

Yes, they were talking about how far they could go. Aunque podrían hablar de cualquier