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My Entry for the #SMAP Contest #118 Birds and Flowers

My entry for this week is a White Crowned Sparrow and Cherry Blossoms


Wasn't sure if I was going to make it for this , it took me till about a half hour ago to find these images .
This image was taken a few weeks ago when the Cherry tree was in full bloom and just days befor it fell over .....=(

_MG_1118 b.JPG

You have to be quick to get these little birds as they don't stay still for long.


This little guy landed on a branch right in front of me and as soon as I pointed the camera at him he was like Nope I'm outa here.

_MG_1120 b.JPG

Didn;t have many images with birds and flowers, many with birds and many with flowers, but only these few images had both.

I did this post fast and dirty so not much gibber jabber and please forgive if I missed any tags, format, etc.


Edit: Doe !!!.... I just found the other images with birds and flowers lol My filling system sucks O.o
Somehow I hav 2023 images for several days in a 2020 day sub file, still haven't found the files for 5/18 to 5/29/2023....

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 9 months ago (edited) 

Oh, these sparrows, they are fast indeed, but they are so lovely among the flowers. I love the cherry blossom, we have cherries around but I miss to make photos.
Your photos are always wonderful. So glad you manage to enter the contest.🙂

Hi @nelinoeva
The cherry blossoms are only around for a short time. I was lucky to get these and some other shots of the tree and blooms.
The old girl fell on May 5th full of blooms =( been monkeying around in that tree for about 50 years.
Sad to see it go but glad it didn't take out the neighbors struture there to the right....

Oh dear! It could damage badly anything. So sad to see tree falling like that.

The one of the sparrow in flight is perfect! Can I please feature it in Let Our Picture Tell Your Story???

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Thanks @wrestlingdesires
Yes , your more than welcome to use any of my images for this purpose.
I look forward to the stories =)

very beautiful :o <3

Thanks for dropping in @charlissy
Going to miss that Cherry Tree =(