My Little Feathered Friend

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Say Hello to my Little Feathered Friend.

A big hello and welcome to all of you as well.
It's been a wile since my last post and I have quite the back log of images.
This post was originally going to go out just after my last post Built for Speed but sometimes life has other plans for you.
Now lets see if I remember how to do this, it's been a minute.


The following images are of the Ruby Throughted Hummingbird that lives in my apple tree that @littlebee4 named Carla, although I hate to break it to you but Carla... is a Carlos, and a darn teritorial one at that.
He is the Grand Poobah of the back yard and flat out owns the Apple tree.

Carlos here is perched under the canopy of the Apple tree, in the shade, on an overcast day so I used a low powered fill flash to brighten him up and put a twinkle in his eye.


He wasn't ranging off after hitting up the feeder, just flying up into the Apple tree and perching between feedings.
I was able to set up the camera and tripod just beyond the minimum focusing range. The shutter and flash started him a little at first but he settled down and let me image him for about 45 min.
After a few minutes he did this little streching/yoga routine.


Since he is in the shade his colors are very muted, the red you see on the head area is poping a little due to the flash.
When he flies out into the Sun he looks like hes on fire.


I was really happy with these images right out of the camera and very little editing was done to them other than DeNoise and a touch of sharpining


Puff n Fluff


After the fluff he had to chase off another Hummingbird and soon landed on a different perch. This perch is not his yoga perch apperently, this is his guard post perch lol


After a bit of shrp course chirping and another chase off he returns the little bowed branch to continue his strech out.


It took me some time to go through all the images I captured,amazing how many I can pop off in a short time.
It took me even longer to pair down the number to post.


It's the same little routine repeted several times.
Left Wing


Right Wing


Both Wings Back


Both Wings Down


Both Wins Back with Glutes


Left Wing
Ohhhh Big Tall Strech


Then a little Flap n Fluff


Toung Out O.o


Then its down to the feeder for a big gulp


Then he flew up to a 3rd perch streched out the left wing once and took a 10 minute nap.


Took me a bit to realize he was napping, about 10 frames lol
You will probably be seeing more of this little guy as he stayed in the Apple tree all winter and didn't migrate with most of the others.
He still gards his tree and feeder but cruzes around more and only visits the feeder every 30 to 45 min.
Well that's all for this post I hope you all enjoyed the images.
Now off to find an image of a bird and flowers for this weeks contest =P

Wow that's a big ol yawn for a little bird =P


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Awesome to see her… excuse me… 😉 him again. So we better call him Carlos then. Hehehe 🤭
So good to see you and some photos again. Looking forward to many more.
I haven’t been active myself due to 2 country moves (4 months and 3 weeks ago).
Thank you so much for tagging me. Much appreciated!
Have a wonderful new week.

Thanks @littlebee4 and thanks for dropping in.
What country did you end up in ?
Hope you return soon I really do enjoy your stories =)

You are welcome @chromiumone 👋🏻😊
We went from Spain to the west coast of north Scotland and now to Ireland 😎
Thanks a lot, will do my best to catch up.
Have a lovely week.

@chromiumone! You Are Alive so I just staked 0.1 $ALIVE to your account on behalf of @littlebee4. (1/10)

The tip has been paid for by the We Are Alive Tribe through the earnings on, feel free to swing by our daily chat any time you want.

These pictures are spectacular. What a beautiful bird.

I hope you have been well, @chromiumone. I looked for you many times, and worried a bit. Nice to see you here. I hope life's plans were not too trying.

I'm looking forward to see many of the backlog images in your blog in the future.

Nice to see your still around the Hive @agmoore =)
I'm working on my next post right now... sort of, took a break to catch up on my Feeds here at hive and have a snak.
I was having bad luck with electronics lol was almost afraid to take out my camera there for a wile. Also haven't had an internet connection for a few months as well.

Thanks for stopping in @agmoore you'll be seeing more and more of me over the next few weeks as I get back up to speed one things.... almost forgot how to post there for a bit lol

My turn. I think you're coming back at a good time. Activity is low, but that means your blogs will stand out (they will anyway😇).

I've got my eye on you now🐤

I was surprised to see your name in my feed and immediately thought "long time no see !"

Welcome back !

You have such a lot of good shots, something that is normally harder to do with humming birds since they flitter around so fast. Interesting that he didn't migrate. I suppose that apple tree is too good of prize to take a chance of squatters showing up before one gets back.

Hi @jacey.boldart
It has been a wile lol, been having bad luck with electronics the last few months, killed a desktop. a laptop, and two phones over the last few months. Plus I've been looking for a new place since I killed the 5th wheel as well lol.
I ended up filling up that feeder every 3 to 5 days all winter for that single Hummingbird lol
I do get much enjoyment from him though and I'll gladly provide a few cents worth of sugar water every week to help him through the winter.
Thanks for stopping in =)

I am so glad to see your post and such a character this little guy is. 😄
I missed your beautiful bird photos.

Thank you @nelinoeva and yeah he is quite the character.
With ant amount of luck I should be posting fairly often. Just acuired two new camera bodies, a gimble head for the tripod and some pro editing software this last month and need to replace a few thousand hive I used to pay for it all =p
See you soon !!!

Oh, a new gear, that's wonderful. 🙂
I will be looking forward to seeing your posts.

Yay! It's always great to see a new post and more wonderful photos from you. You are missed when you are not posting here. These are fantastic shots! Love hearing how Carlos spends his time.

Ahh shucks @melinda010100 your too kind.
It's good to be back posting again. I have 1000's of images to go through and post from Aug. of last year till today. Been downloading them all to a 4 terabite external storage drive so I didn't loose anything when my comp blew.
I'll also try to start posting in SMAS in the next couple weeks as I get back into the swing of things, almost forgot how to make a post lol
Thanks for stopping in =)

Cute little mafia yogi!

Hello @corvidae
I have some great images of Crows, Ravens, and Steller's jays in the pipeline to post soon for your enjoyment.

Here is one of the little scamps making off with a slice of the pizza I was having for lunch yesterday.

🤣 He looks so proud of himself!!!!!
🖤🖤🖤 Thanks for sharing. Please make sure to tag me when you make the post so I don't miss it!

An amazing bird, the size of an insect. It's great that you were able to take a picture of her.👍


$PIZZA slices delivered:
@littlebee4(1/5) tipped @chromiumone (x2)