Crows and spring blossoms

in Feathered Friends2 years ago

Junior, a juvenile, looking cute and puffy.

Lod, Junior's father.

Lod. He has the eyes of an old soul, don't you think? He's very shy around me, but clearly a respected crow among crows.

It's been mostly Lod and Junior flying down from the trees to visit lately, collecting kibbles and peanuts and scrambled eggs to take back to Girlybird on the nest. I miss her. She has the mind of a scientist. On more than one occasion she has brought me a nut that she couldn't crack so that I could open it for her. She also once brought an empty almond husk over and dropped it at my feet. The husk was from a whole almond I had given her earlier. I took it as a request for more almonds. I fulfill that request daily.
On that note, while Girlybird was not present on plum blossom day, I feel it would be remiss not to include her in this post. So here is the next best thing to a crow amidst pink blossoms: a crow playing with a blue jolly rancher.


Girlybird and the jolly rancher. Junior found it, Girlybird stole it, nobody ate it. It was just fun to fuss with the crinkly wrapper.
(You can see a little of the iridescence in the feathers here.)