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Hello friends..

Feathered friends nice moments enjoying beautiful days with enthusiasm.

On this occasion I will share several photos taken of the beautiful blue bird in its spacious home.

I had the moment to see a beautiful bird from a cage that looked peaceful. A small bamboo sticking out from both sides of the cage provides a place to perch and looks dashing, graceful with its beauty.

The bright colors, which are dominated by blue and black, make it attractive from the appearance of its fur, with a size that is not too big but beautiful enough to be a pet at home as a friend.

Often given food in the form of fine grains which are rich in fiber, vitamins and protein to continue growth and maintain soft fur on the body. It is an attraction to be able to enjoy and enliven your days with pleasure and comfort.

Maybe this is all I can share at this moment in the story. See you in the next post.
Grateful fadile

Thank You


That bird is so beautiful. What food do you give to this bird?

It is a beautiful animal