Finally I could take a picture of the golden oriole

Finally, I was able to take a picture of the golden Oriole. This is one of the birds I really have a hate - love story with. Because now in Spring I was able to hear it's voice very often but even though it has a very yellow color it is very hard to spot because most of the time it is hiding very well, and it is always sitting very high in the trees but still on a place where there is a lot of branches and leaves that could be used as a hiding place. To better spot the bird on the picture, I drew a small red circle with photoshop. I hope some day I will get a much better picture of it, but this is at least a first step.

Golden Oriole. Picture: Florian Glechner.

Camera usedNikon D5100
Lens usedSigma 150-600mm lens
Filter usednone
Exposure Time1/3200 Seconds
Aperture usedF 6.3
Focal Length600 mm
Time07:31 am

When you here this bird on several photography trips and never actually see it even when I try to search it for several minutes or even hours I nearly get crazy. Because this is something I cannot imagine. Hearing it singing the whole time but never being able to spot it. At least now I have a picture of It. Even though it is a cropped image and the bird is hiding behind a branch, I am a bit proud of myself to finally have it in my collection :-) The next step is to get a better image where it is not hiding so well.


If they are anything like my Baltimore and Orchard Orioles offer them a dish of grape jelly and they will practically land on your head!

Ok, I definitely need to try this.

These two are just outside my window.

Such an awesome bird. I always thought they looked nice. We're not lucky enough to have them in Norway although I think they've been spotted a handful of times. We call them Pirol here.

In Austria it is also called "Pirol". It is the german word for Oriole. It is one of the birds that sing their own name.

waw -amazing..