Fierce geese guard my house

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Geese are a type of duck that are guardians of our homes and offices and today that is what I am doing, friends, geese are one of the animals that we can use as guardians of our homes and I have proven this for a very long time as there are in this room my goose is so fierce that when he sees new people he immediately runs over his head and is then chased.
However, geese are also like dogs, they know who the owner is, if the owner enters the cage, he will not chase and in fact he wants to be pampered. This is what happens in my cage. If new people enter my cage, he will first be confronted with them. The geese that I keep are a very good thing. We can represent these feelings when there are new people. Then the nation's alarm will sound. We are ready with one alert.
In the cage that I keep, there are not only breeds but there are also other types of ducks, such as small ducks which are specifically for laying eggs and there are also large ducks which we keep specifically for eating their meat. This is one way for me to breed small poultry-type animals. However, this is also one of my jobs because when I like to enjoy meat, it's healthy, of course it's healthy, you don't need to buy it, just take what's in the cage and then enjoy it with your beloved family.
Friends, of course you can see from some of the pictures that I have taken that these are the rooms I took using my smartphone, Samsung A20s. The location is in Aceh, Indonesia, which is one of the areas where there are still a lot of people raising money for animal cultivation- small animals such as ducks, chickens and others.
That's my post today. And here are some of the images that I have used and if I have included written ideas. Hopefully it will be a good post, the post will be positive and of course it will be a useful post for friends who read it. These are beautiful pictures like for school days, friends like them.

CameraSamsung A20 S
Taken By@jepkupi
LocationLhokseumawe, Aceh
WA Business+62 8527 0383 497

Best Regards, @jepkupi