Feathered Fathers Day Gift

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My Fathers Day started at 5:20am with my favorite wake-up call. A Wild Turkey! I sat up, looked outside the window, and we had eight of them just puttering around the yard less than 40 yards away. Took me a few to get dressed, get the camera, and by then they had puttered away farther. The shots were taken from about 100 yards away (zoom lenses are your friend!)


This just made my whole weekend. What an amazing morning in nature. Living up here in the boonies is almost like camping except with a roof and nice bed!




Bang, I did it again... I just rehived your post!
Week 111 of my contest just started...you can now check the winners of the previous week!

Yay! 🤗
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Yes, by purchased permit. They are quite popular to hunt. There is a limited season for hunting them one month in the spring and fall. The spring season just closed June 1st. They have incredible eyesight, and are quite wary. Typically require full camo gear and hide hunting. I prefer to hunt them multiple times with a camera. It is wonderful to hear them gobbling in the woods.

Thanks for a developed reply! I still remember the lines from Main Reed's 'The Headless Horseman' novel, which I read in my teenage years, where Zebulon Stump complained about the difficulty he had to lay in wait to get a wild turkey... 😏

You've got wild turkeys??? 😮 Turkey dinners running all over your lawn???????? WOW!
I'm impressed! 😄

Yes, I'm quite excited if you can't tell. I don't hunt these, but yes wild turkeys are much tastier than the cage raised store bought ones.

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Thank you!

Wow, what a great shot! To live in such a place really like camping, is very nice! Happy Father's Day by the way

We enjoy our little cabin in the woods. Thank you!

What a great gift!!

Yes, thanks. Been a great week for photos. Even finally caught one of the elusive Ravens out in the yard this week. Will get it posted soon with some others.