New Dove visitors

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We had some new interesting visitors this week. Some Eurasian Collared Doves. I hear them outside pretty frequently during the summer months, but here they were just before our big dump of snow.

These are apparently considered an invasive species here in Colorado, but I personally like the look of them and haven't seen/heard of any problems they create, at least not here. Don't typically see them in any great numbers.




Thats what we call a Turk pigeon, we don't have them here where I live. Instead we have plenty of Rock pigeons, also called Street pigeons, like this:

And of course they love my bird feeder, especially during the winter. Also it has decent food in it, other than the junk they often have to eat here in the city. Stuff people have dropped, like bread, fries and so on.
Same goes for this species, the Wood pigeon, but there are only few around here.

Those are pretty cool looking pigeons. They certainly look well-fed! That wood pigeon looks huge!

Yes, wood pigeons are the largest pigeons. And they do look pretty, especially the rock pigeons can vary a lot with their patterns. But they always have this metallic shine on their necks.
On the downside - pigeons are pretty dumb. It really takes a while until they understand something. But they are smart enough to survive, and thats what counts, isn't it.

Great photos! I think they carry a parasite that can be harmful to native birds, including the raptors who hunt them, and to chickens as well. I haven't seen any here yet, but expect to soon, as the range map shows that they are very close.

Well I hope they don't spread their "cooties" then. I did hear a hawk outside somewhere in the trees when I was taking out the trash yesterday. Am hoping to get some Owl and hawk pictures soon. Maybe this weekend if the weather holds.

I was curious why they are considered an invasive species and went to do some reading, it is as @melinda010100 says they transmit diseases through a parasite and can harm native species in many countries. Thanks for the post it led me to a good read @ksteem

Bang, I did it again... I just rehived your post!
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They are invasive!! They are right. If that is still true, you don't want to attract them.

Pretty little birds though... I heard Typhoid Mary was attractive. :))

Good point. Sometimes we have to keep an eye on those pretty ones causing trouble, lol!
I haven't seen them around since the snow came, but will have to make sure they don't get out of control.

Picture no.3 is very romantic, like a couple knitting love ...
Greetings sir

Thanks, it wasn't quite as sharp focus as others but best of about 5 or 6 I tried to take of them together. I liked it too.

Amazing sir... Likewise with me who tried a new hobby of macrophotography using a smartphone and additional macro lenses.
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