Feathered Friends - Show Me A Photo Contest Round 154

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Greetings to all friends who like birds and to the creator of these dynamics @nelinoeva who had some time without passing through this community, since studies occupy my time but I took some time to be here.

And it is that also the models the birds are not so easy for me, but here I have some feathered friends
here I have some feathered friends all different but with many similarities as well as differences.

Animals as well as plants, in this case birds or birds receive many names, depending on the place of origin, which are now in many countries, since mostly many are migratory on their own while others are exported for different purposes.


This first one in my city, Ciudad Bolivar we know it as CariCari, it is a bird of prey, which means that it attacks other smaller birds to eat them, such as chicks, popcorn, also insects, snakes, its weapons are its sharp claws and beak.

But they can also eat large but decaying animals that are already dead.


My next feathered friend is a bird more than all of poultry, backyard, chicken family, is called or I know them as Guineo, in other countries they are called: the common guinea fowl, gray guinea fowl, guinea hen, pavilla or common guineo, it has its similarities with the hens in that they have two legs, feathers logically, but the hens can be of several colors, but the guineos as far as I have seen are of color like gray and white dots and make a very loud sound unlike the hens.


And this other many see it as ugly, scary and there is something they say that is born white and then everything becomes black, in my city lately have been seen in urban areas, before they were in areas where there are many garbage, are scavenger birds, which feed on everything that is in poor condition, rotten, whether animals or vegetables.

As now the city is full of garbage, they are there, and there is something characteristic in them that they eat and jump, hence the saying ......zamuro eats jumping


These are the animals for my participation this week in this contest https://hive.blog/hive-106444/@nelinoeva/feathered-friends-show-me-a-07b23368c03bf

The photos are my own originals, taken with Sony camera.



Thank you very much for showing the birds from your area, always nice to learn about new species.

thank you friends


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Hola muchas gracias, ya los apoye con algo de delegacion cuando suba mas aumento la delegacion

It is amazing to have fixed these photos
Diversity in the world of the bird is unique

Thank you...yes, I like to take pictures of all kinds of birds, because they are all interesting.