Feathered Friends - Show Me A Photo Contest Round 119

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Hello Feathered Friends Lovers,

Welcome to #SMaP Show Me A Photo Contest Round 119!


Thus round will be free and you can show me any photo of bird you've taken. I am interested about tbe story behind and what makes you choose it.

My illustrations for the Free Theme is the Long-eared Owl,who hubby discovered recently together with the sweetest owl babies. You may have seen already my post about them.

Finding a new bird is always exciting, especially the owls. At least for me, they are one of the most difficult to spot and the babies are just a bonus. To see them in a park where it is full with people was not surprising and yet it is to some extent. Not surprising because I have seen many photos of Long-eared owls taken in parks and I was wondering if I would be lucky enough to see any in ours. And yes, I am lucky and I am more than happy to share my pictures of such gorgeous bird.




Here are my examples

Another picture of this owl


And bonus picture of the baby raising its claw to scratch.


Now is your turn and let me see your photos of birds, but first read carefully the rules below⬇️


Show me your photo of a bird, following these rules:

  • The photo must be your own.
  • Post in the community Feathered Friends
  • You may add more photos, but you should state which one is your entry, otherwise the first will be taken into account.
  • Tell us something about your photo/s.
  • Your photo must follow the weekly theme.
  • Please put the link of your entry in the comment section of the contest post here.
  • Put in the title of your post that this is an entry for the contest. (Optional)
  • Use #smap as a tag.

Last, but not least - have fun!

If you create quality post with more images and interesting story about them, making extra effort can give you bigger upvotes and attract curators. Keep that in mind.



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Thank you for viewing.


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What a wonderful entry.

Oh thank you for that. ❤️

You are welcome.

Thank you so much for this beautiful entry! 🙂

Always fascinated by owls, beautiful funny birds!

And we have replenishment in the family of swallows... 🎂



Thank you for your entry. 🙂

What a find. Seeing a new bird is always exciting and spotting a family of owls is extra special as one doesn't see these birds of the night too often.
Great pictures.

Thank you my friend, I am still thrilled about them and hope thay will stay a little bit longer in our park.

Amazing owls! Hope to have a chance to photograph them one day...

Can I join the contest with an image from my 3-day-old post in FF? I just posted it having no energy to research what competitions to join...

It is hard to say which bird is my favourite, but owls are among the ones I considered most interesting and they make me so happy to watch them. Baby owls are super cute. I must say I am lucky, but hubby is the one with hawk eyes to spot them. 😀
You can use your post, just do some edit to be clear it is a entry for the contest.

Yes, they look super cute. I checked they have owls in tropical Asia 😀 Including this crazy one: https://ebird.org/species/cosowl1/TH-10 So let's hope. 🙂

Wow, that owl is soooo awesome. 🙂
Keep your eyes peeled, you never know what you may encounter.

All the best to participants

I will post something this time, I am thinking your owl babies were cute, so I might post some birds which I think are cute.

Happy Sunday Neli and have a great week😁

That would be lovely, I am looking forward. 🙂
Let me see what you will come up with.

Have a great week too!

Thanks Neli, if all goes to plan, it will be today!

Hi, @ratel 🙂
Thanks a lot for your entry.

🙂 My entry:

A collared kingfisher flying over Samut Prakan city, Thailand. I found an island with many birds of this species, here is my post: Island of Collared Kingfishers

Thank you for submitting your entry. 🙂

Your last capture is really awesome of baby owl 🦉😍

Here is my entry to this Contest and thank you for free theme topic 😹😘

Thank you very much for your entry.🙂

My pleasure 😀

Owls close to home what a wonderful sighting, they blend in so well as adults against the trees, babies are cutest with soft down feathers.


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Thank you so much, Joan! ♥️
They start moving from one tree to another. I may not see them next time. Although hubby is in the park every day walking the dog and he sees them.

Makes the walk all the more interesting when watching little fledglings grow before your eyes.

Absolutely. I missed these last days to walk in the park and I aready miss them.

They leave and return perhaps you will see them again soon.

Finally joining again! Nothing can beat those owls, but here goes my contribution: 😉 !LUV



Welcome back! 🙂
So glad you manage to enter again.

This is my post for this week, I will love hear you opinions, Thank you


Here my post

Thank you for entering again! 🙂

Those are very special photos! What a wonderful find of both parent and sweet babies!
Here's my impulsive and last minute offering. Although I couldn't choose which photo


To see an owl is a treat, a whole family - like winning the jackpot.😀
Thank you so much for your entry!

You certainly hit the jackpot!

Thank you very much for submitting your entry. 🙂

You're welcome 🙂


I totally forgot to post te link here! Tank you for reminding me!


Thank you very much for submitting your entry. 🙂

Aww, another owl! Thank you so much for your entry!🙂