Feathered Weekend

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Weekend with my feathered friends

Last weekend we have sunny Saturday and cloudy Sunday. Easy to find out which photos are made when. There is another difference, I used two cameras and I am not sure if this would be noticeable. Not that it matters as I am not going into big details. I am still a beginner and learn by practice.

My routine hasn't changed and some good hour and a half we spent walking in the park with the dog. Now every tree and shrub is covered with its spring blossoms.


It seems the birds are singing louder. I am still discovering something new each day. Like, how beautiful the starling sings. Starlings like one particular shrub and I see them there each time. When the singer stands still and there are no twigs in front, I don't waste precious time and begin snapping as many photos as I can.





But I also stayed for a little while and just listened to the little guy.
The white dots on its feathers look like stars and hence its name. The metalic green and violet gleam add extra cosmic feeling.

The Great tits were close this time and I got better shot of one of them. Always wonder how such a small bird can have so loud voice. They are early singers. In early spring I hear them loud an clear each morning when I go out for work.




On my way back home, jackdaws were gathering almonds. The almond trees were the first to blossom and sadly the following frost hit them. But one of the trees was late and I think this year there will be almonds enough for the birds.




The weather got different plans. Monday turned to be nothing like spring day. It was windy and snowy. Yeah, the spring started with snow!

Now back to my weekend and grey Sunday. I did not expect to see many birds. However, there is hardly a day without spotting at least one woodpecker and so was Sunday. Great spotted woodpecker, rather silent it was. The drumming was quiet and another starling on the same tree was singing.



I kept the images without croppping this time, because they are rather grainy.

Later, when we were home, we got vistor on the balcony. A jackdaw perched on the net that we raised above the railings. The door was shut, the cats were sleeping in another room and the bird curiously looked through the window. Next shots I combined in gif image.


This jackdaw could be one of the regular visitors, who liked the bread crumbs and cat biscuits hubby left outside.

Before leaving, shake....


...turn around and take off.


And that was all from my weekend with the birds. Today it continues to be horrible outside, the wind is howling but it stopped snowing. Birds are hiding this morning, no chirp, no sound except for the wind. On my way to work, I will keep looking for storks, who have arrived from the south.


Till next time! Stay safe and healthy!


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Thank you very much! Greatly appreciated!

Cool photos! It smells like spring!
And, unfortunately, we have something completely sad. Yesterday I went to the forest. It is very difficult to walk because of the snowdrifts, and there are practically no birds. This is very strange, because it is already warm, and the mating season has begun, but I managed to meet only two great tits and one woodpecker.

Weather changed instantly and the spring has surprised us with the snow, although it is not much and hardly covers the ground.
Thank you very much for viewing my post and leaving a comment.

Nice shots! You would be surprised how loud Eurasian wren can be.

Thank you! ☺
Oh yes, the wren is loud, I heard it and it reminds me that I had few shots recently when it was not hiding.

You're welcome. 👍

hello dear friend @nelinoeva good day
What a beautiful Saturday you have had, and you have been able to capture very beautiful images, of all the seasons of the year, the one I like the most is spring. Happy Spring beginnig
have a fun day

Yes, everything comes to life in spring and days are getting longer.
Thank you for your nice words.

The Starlings are so pretty but here they gather in large numbers at my bird feeders and bully many of my small birds. I still like them because they are so pretty and have a beautiful song. Your walk was very nice sorry the weather is turned bad. Soon though it will stay nice again.

Well, I did not know that starlings can bully other birds. But I think they can destroy the crops and farmers don't like them.
March is a month when we expect such changes and it is not surprising. Besides bad weather will not last long. The sun is back today. ☀️

@nelinoeva so glad the sun is out again, and yes the starlings here are bully's to the small birds. Starlings are very destructive to crops the farmers here do not like them at all.

Beautiful pics as always
Don't think I have ever seen a real starling - it's beautiful
Love the patterns of the feathers :D

Thank you for your kind comment.
Believe me I had no idea the starlings live so close to us until last year. And they are really wonderful singers.

Beautiful photos! I love your starling photos! ♥️

Thank you Melinda ❤
I love their starry plumage.

Spring is back and all your beautiful are coming out to sing for you i love that green metallic bird how beautiful.

The spring is wonderful with all the new colours from the tree blossoms and the birds songs.
It is just March being very unpredictable. The morning starts cold and sunny then turned to snow, windy, just snow, sunny again, snow, sun. It just like the weather cannot make its mind what to do.

Spring is a wonderful season and am sure you are going to enjoy photographing all them lovely birds and colors of flowers.

What perfect pictures, all those birds were just goregous.
We have those woodpeckers here in Upstate, NY , as soon as I here that "knock-knocking" in the forest, I get my camera.
Really nice post @nelinoeva

Thank you so much for stopping by and leaving a comment.
Glad you like my photos. Woodpeckers are common and there are four different species were found in our local park.