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Happy Feathered Friday!

We had a lovely, warm Friday and since I am rather busy in the office, I don't take the camera with me. However I was out at lunch time to gather some vitamin D from the sun and I saw it, the sparrowhawk chased by noisy jackdaws and bunch of pigeons. Regrettably I have no photos, but if the weather stays as such during the weekend, then I might have fresh new photos to share.

Until then, I dived in my old photos and played with the filters. After the Black and White round in #SMaP, I thought to explore the sepia tone, another monochrome tone I haven't used for a long time. It is that brown coloured images from the past. Interesting facts about it one can find in different articles. It is called sepia after the Cuttlefish and ink that was released to escape from danger. The colour of that ink is browinish and the sepia comes from the Greek word for the Cuttlefish. By the way, we call it Sepia in Bulgarian language too.

So, the sepia toning seems to be discovered by chance, or at least we don't know who was the first photographer who used it. Like I said, there are numerous articles in internet, if you are interested more about it. Basically it was used in the old photos to smooth the images, to be warmer in some way.

Now, the applications got always this filter that can change your photo. But how it will work with the birds?

I made some experiments and you can compare with the original, coloured version.

Let's start with this one - the Wren.


And the original.


Not a big difference, as the bird is brown and the it doesn't change much.

But what about some colourful bird like the Blue Tit?


And the original.


Hm, I like the old look, but I also like my coloured photo. I wonder what your preference would be.

The app I used, Photoshop Express, has one more sepia filter and here it is.


This one is much colder, but the last called Antique is more like the first filter.


The last photo I played with is of the Green Woodpecker and I like the sepia the least. I think the original is better.



I am curious what you think about this filter, do you like sepia tone and that old look of the photos? Are the bird photos good looking when trying to make them older. And do you like to have a round in #SMaP contest dedicated to the sepia tone?

Drop your comment and tell me your opinion.



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How are you dear friend @nelinoeva good afternoon
What a shame you didn't bring your camera, but with luck and if the weather permits, next week you will surprise us with other of your beautiful shots

I love these editions, I must say that I never used the sepia filter for my photographs

Beautiful photographs, and excellent editions, have a beautiful Friday afternoon

Well, Saturday morning is very promising and I soon I will be off. Let's see what I will find.

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