Two jackdaws

in Feathered Friendslast month

Spring has come. It's getting warmer outside. The warm spring sun began to appear more often. Many birds split into pairs. So these two jackdaws are wandering around together, looking for food.


Now, under the fallen leaves of last year, with the onset of warmth, all sorts of worms appear, which these birds happily eat.


Jackdaws carefully examine last year's leaves and try not to miss their food. It’s already quite warm and the larvae emerge from their cocoons and immediately fall for the birds’ food.


Jackdaws tirelessly turn over the leaves lying on the ground and apparently find tasty food underneath them.


Together they have more fun and are not so bored, so they are happy. They are not distracted from their work of getting food for themselves.


It’s good that there was a lot of snow in winter and last year’s leaves were well preserved. They were not scattered by the wind and they lie in a neat layer on the ground.


Из под листьев уже начинает пробиваться первая поросль зелёной травы.

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Impressive shots. Very nice. I congratulate you. Regards @nilpan