Birdwatching - 1882 🐦

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🦉 The Eurasian jay (Garrulus glandarius brandtii )

  • Garrulus lat.: garrire to chat, babble, chirp, garrulus talkative, chirping, noisy; ax prone to..
  • glandarius glandis, glans (lat.) acorn
  • brandtii brandti, Fedor Fedorovich Brandt (Johann Friedrich von Brandt, 1802–1879), Russian zoologist and physician.

I come across these smart birds mainly in autumn and sometimes in winter. And in the summer, I see them only far outside the city, in the coniferous forest.
The bird is known for its savvy mind, which is not surprising, since it belongs to the corvid family.

In the fall you can see her stocking up on food for the winter. She hides various seeds, nuts and berries in the foliage on the ground, burying it all. But it seems to me that this is not very effective, because a large number of birds often dig into the foliage, and in any case they find reserves made by her.

Nikon D5200Tamron SP AF 150-600mm f/5-6.3 Di VC USD

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