Birdwatching - 1930 🐦

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🦉 The Eurasian nuthatch or wood nuthatch (Sitta europaea)

  • Sitta sittē (Greek) mentioned by Aristotle and other ancient Greek. by the authors of the bird, something similar to the woodpecker
  • europaea (lat.) European

Spring is in full swing and I love watching the mating rituals of birds. I saw a pair of nuthatches in an old cemetery. The first and last photos were of a female. Yes, sexual dimorphism in these birds is not pronounced, but from their behavior I realized that it was a female, since she was sitting on a branch and quickly fluttering her wings, posing as a fledgling. In this way, the females test the male to see how he is able to feed his children.

I didn’t wait for the male or bother them, I moved on. Meanwhile, in the forest I heard the songs of nuthatches. In general, they start singing early, as soon as they barely feel the warming, around the end or maybe in the middle of March.

Nikon D5200Tamron SP AF 150-600mm f/5-6.3 Di VC USD

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