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🦉 The common whitethroat or greater whitethroat (Curruca communis)

  • Curruca is an unidentified bird name mentioned in the poems of the ancient Roman poet Juvenal
  • communis (lat.) ordinary, common.

These large-headed birds appear in early May, when warm weather has already settled in. Their habitats are bushes. And it doesn't matter where they are. I also met these birds near the river where there are flooded banks with a bushy area. And from forests, on the edges of which bushes grow. It’s also interesting that these birds also like fallen trees

Regarding this bird in the photo, it was taken near the river bank, the bushes were flooded. The bird sat and sang a song. And as soon as she realized that I was approaching her, she began to express her dissatisfaction with grumbling.

Nikon D5200Tamron SP AF 150-600mm f/5-6.3 Di VC USD

Looking at their mouths open, it seems as if you also have talked to these birds during photography this time. 😄👏

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Hello dear friend @ratel good morning
I admire the enormous number of birds you have there, this white-breasted is a simple but beautiful bird.
Thank you very much for sharing this observation and all the information about it.
have a wonderful day

Thanks, dear friend🙏