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In the city parks of my city there are birds that live there permanently and do not even fly through the forests in the spring. The birds have lived here from generation to generation, so they are very accustomed to people and easily take food from the hand and beg.
Namely, i'm talking about the great tit, nuthatch, and willow tit.

One autumn I visited a coastal forest. It is located along the city river on one side, and on the other along bicycle paths and a sports stadium nearby.

I always take some seeds and nuts with me. And I poured them into the old tree. The birds flew in and began to slowly take them.

Willow tits took and flew away to where they could eat in peace. And the nuthatches took the seeds and hid them in nearby trees.

Nikon D5200Tamron SP AF 150-600mm f/5-6.3 Di VC USD


Not scared of humans, rather tame/trusting looking at your video, what fun they come to inspect! Birds in your region very different in behaviour to ours down South.



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