SMaP 163 - Free Theme (Birds in flight)

in Feathered Friendslast month

I would like to say thank you to dear @nelinoeva for this competition. You can find the announcement and rules here.

This week's theme is - Free Theme
I decided to show you birds in flight.

A cuckoo flew over the meadow, I managed to lure it out of the bushes.

A gray heron was standing on the lake in the water, and when I began to approach, it flew away.

A common tern flying over the river and looking for prey.

A black kite flying over the same river. And he also looked out for fish in the water.

I was walking through dense thickets near the river, when suddenly a lapwing fluttered out of them.

At the lake, I tried for a very long time to take a photo of the green sandpiper. He is very cowardly, and constantly flies away from me. So I decided to photograph it in flight, since I couldn’t capture it on the lake.

A goshawk flew over the lake and scared away small birds.

A young herring gull flying along the river.

Nikon D5200Tamron SP AF 150-600mm f/5-6.3 Di VC USD

I can't even take pictures of birds while resting and you are taking such good photos of birds while flying too.👏👏 Amazing!
Sending you Love and Ecency Vote!

Another great selection of birds captured in flight. Stunning photos as always.

One of my frustrations is capturing birds on flight. You have mastered it perfectly. Great captures and post 👏👏👏