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🔶The Ural owl (Strix uralensis)

We call this owl the "long-tailed owl". I think the title is clear why. Especially now at the end of October, they can often be found. I first met her in 2018, then in 2019 again at the same time, and so, last week we met again.

So. This cute owl, after being chased by four magpies, found a quiet place in a tree. I followed her, careful not to frighten her away. She apparently got used to me for all that time, so she did not pay attention to me, and quietly dozed. From time to time she opened her eyes and looked around. I stood next to her and admired, did not want to go anywhere. And then, the owl threw something down.


This was the so-called "pellet". These are compressed undigested food debris that are belched by birds of prey. Namely, these are various feathers, wool, bones and claws. By these lumps, you can find out what the bird ate. I had to work hard to find this lump among the many fallen leaves. Having examined it carefully, I saw in it parts of the spine and wool. This indicated that a few hours ago, this owl ate a mouse.




Эта сова отлично смотрится. Вкусно пообедала мышкой и теперь сладко дремит.

What a beautiful bird; great photo!

thank you!

What a gorgeous Owl, I have a Great Horned Owl in my neighborhood that I can hear at night. Last spring (2019) he was a juvenile and was on my front porch just sitting on the light. He let me take multiple pictures I will share someday on feathered friends.

Such a magnificent bird! Excellent photos!
Thanks for posting to the #featheredfriends community ❤️

Thank you!