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🔶The European goldfinch or simply the goldfinch (Carduelis carduelis)

A young goldfinch is enjoying the seeds of a thistle. You see, this mask on his face is still sloppy and orange in color. When he grows up, and this will happen in a few months, the color will change to red, cherry color. While he is young, you cannot find out what gender he is. It is not so easy for these birds to determine their sex at first glance. One must carefully consider the red mask and black feathers on the head.


The birds are rather shy, but in early spring and late summer it is quite possible to sneak up on them. When they are busy eating, they seem to lose their vigilance. They are very keen on eating seeds so they may not notice someone. approximation. I crept up to a small flock and took these pictures.




You are such a patient photographer! Great captures! ❤️

Thank you Melinda!