@felixxx you got $20 for a grilled cheese sandwich and some of your votes came from vote ring farmers like Jeff Jagoff. You aren’t in a place to be judging others, much less say anyone else is “overrewarded.”


I agree: most of my posts are overrewarded.

  1. I am not the one working for a business, which pretends to be charitable. I get a lot of these votes, because I vote other people. I vote them with my own money; The money I got for posting. I do not pull votes from a business, which very purpose it is to allocate posting rewards to authors.

  2. I get 20$ for grilled cheese, op gets 160$ for a phone review with blurry pics.

  3. Jeff Jagoe is a cool dude. We met at Steemfest. Where were you people who claim to work SO HARD for the community? Probably hiding because OP can not show up as one of their own sockpuppets.

Try making real friends here. Try blogging for others not for your OCD buddies.
Try to engage and see how that works out for you, when ocd just dishes out the 20$ votes to the same boring bullshit school-essay type, 3 picture, 5 paragraphs, at least 500 words, WITH LOVE bullshit and then cashing out all the rewards.

Some thoughts:

She is my real friend.

An OCD curator plagiarized me.

Jeff posted a pic where he has obvious other guy cum on his shorts

My 13 year old makes a better grilled cheese than that.

Steemfest is dumb.

@macchiata write a post about jealous bitches 😆

Again, I agree: That is exactly what they should do.
Please further expose what a bunch of cunts you are.

And this is exactly a respond that I expected to get when I started writing the projects that I actually involved in for years. That is why I never like to mention before even since 2017 I've been with OCD. Would you say the same thing had you not known the projects I am involved in? I'd like to say otherwise.

You are free to downvote if you think that is overrewarded @felixxx it's as simple as that.

That is the response you should expect, when you steal rewards from the posting rewards pool.
You people have no shame.

You have been working so hard for years, right?
That is the exact response I always get.
All you do is cash out. You do not stake up to vote others. You use other people's money to vote and sit on 4k HP with a 73 REP.
You could instead be sitting on 40k HP, voting in your own right, curating for yourself.
Then, you could call it work.

Right now you and the others are stealing rewards, which were meant for authors.

I have 0 respect for the likes of you, pretending to help others, only to serve their own interest.