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I love gadgets, phones, and laptops to be precise. This is probably because they're tools that get things done in this digital age. The internet and the level or degree of accessibility you get can be dependent on the sophistication of the tools you have. This means that accessibility and the providence it brings are very important.
And this is why everyone that's an enthusiast about the internet and the various opportunities it provides is always keen on tech, the diverse enablement it brings, and how they can get their hands on the latest software update out there. Let's take a look at android and iOS.

Android has begun to roll out Android 13, while iPhone just rolled out iOS 16.
I was probably very early in updating my phone to iOS 16 and this is because I wanted to get access to Apple's latest iOS update and also enjoy the newer things that this exciting update can bring to the table. We had updates to the camera, the UI, and more user functionalities.

On Androids, because of the diversity of the brand using the android OS, it's quite difficult to have a unison major update and this is why some phones have android 13 and some other phones haven't got. Samsung has started and it might take over a year to completely dish out the OS 13 to all their devices.

Because of trends, change, and Sophistication, people who have more use cases for the internet are keen to use the latest updates and devices and this is because, on the internet, there's this competition to be the first to do things that have never been done. Most brands copy what other brands can do and improve on them while calling it their innovation.

For example, iPhones now have "always-on-display", they now have sophisticated widget systems that are customized to the letter. These innovations were motions set by android, but I have a feeling that soon enough, Apple will make this even better than android has done in the past few years.

However it is, gadgets get things done, they create job opportunities by rewarding people who choose to grow their expertise. For example, people who are savvy with their laptops can become software developers, coders, and gamers. The world is currently run by people who control the biggest and latest technologies. Look at Facebook for example.

The people who are using tech, gadgets, and the internet to bring innovations with use cases are wealthy. It's safe to say that we've gotten to that place where people are now being dependent on tech to run their daily lives. I'm a fan of gadget photography and it's safe to say that I like being expressive with pictures to tell a story and also for aesthetics as well.

I'm shooting from an iPhone 12, I wouldn't call it the latest of gadgets, but there's been an update and the camera seems a bit better.
Gadgets aid me in aesthetical expression, I do a lot of mobile photography and hence I'm always seeking the latest enablements or features in other to have better opportunities at expressing myself. Here I did a session with my iPhone 12 and the shoot was basically trying to create an impression of tech and its inevitability in the future we might be trying to build.

Another impression was the expression of point of view and how it can change the narrative in a picture content. The guy in the picture is engrossed with a phone, but changing the point of view in the picture told a separate story. Although the other form of expression was purely for aesthetical purposes. Another thing is that I'm trying to create a business or IT-oriented images that I can use for my blogs rather than downloading stock images online. Let me know what you think of this. Cheers.

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What this post spoke to me of is the ability of technology to put the power into your hands. Tech can help us accomplish the things we need to in order to free up the time to do the things that we love. To the man in the chair, it's clear that he's in control, and enjoying the bounty and peace that tecnology offers.

It's safe to say that tech has become entwined with our lives and we cannot begin to highlight it's advantages. I think it's had more impact than we know and the freedom it gives us like you pointed out is insurmountable. I think it'll get to a point in time where this freedom will be further increased

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The battle between iOS and Android may as well take a century to die down. It's not like there is some kind of beef they have with each other, it's just that these two brands fight really well to remain at the top.

There certainly are many mobile operating systems that exist and function well other than iOS and Android, but these two giants will remain the majority's favorites till maybe some alien tech lands to take their place. Till then, we'll continue to be serenaded by the limitless offerings we get from them both.

Whoever that is looking to thrive in this world now may as well put digital technologies and their prospects at the top of their priorities. You cannot sell meat in a town of vegeterians and expect to prosper. You just gotta be tech savvy one way or another in this time that we all live in.

I am all in for IT-oriednted images in place of stock images online. There is some greater form of gratification in putting out images that were birth through one's eyes.

Well I think one OS that's underated is Huawei's Kirin. It's saddening that Google yanked them off, making it difficult for people to choose their product because everyone likes google's service. I cannot choose between iOS and Android and this is because I own both and they all have different areas where they excel and they'll keep competing till the end of time.

One's gotta be tech savvy as you've said. I started out basically. Not knowing anything years back, today I'm making progress, even if I've not really gotten there.

As for pictures, I don't download, I create mine. I wish Nigeria was a freer country, I could have had millions of my own personal galleria.

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I think you are refering to Huawei's HarmonyOS. Huawei used to be my favorite phone manufacturers. They had very sturdy phones and exciting UI (EMUI). Unfortunately, Google laid them off. Or is it them that pulled out? I cannot remember the story, as it has been many years now.

I actually can choose between iOS and Android; I'd choose Android. Firsly, I think it is because I have never owned an Apple device. Secondly, with my little understanding of "open-source", my life is pretty much flexible and productive with Android. This is because all my life, I have been able to do so much and even more with Android alone. iOS on the other hand (my parents' and friends), not so much.

However, I will admit to the top-notch quality with software and hardware design and aesthetics with Apple devices, and also their seemless connectivity between their devices.

The beautiful thing about tech is that as the years go by, getting adapted with them gets easier and easier. Now, it does not take too much effort and time to learn to efficiently use them. I'm privilege to witness and experience the transition over the years.

As for Nigeria, may God continue to help us.

Unfortunately, Google laid them off. Or is it them that pulled out? I cannot remember the story, as it has been many years now.

I think it was a lawsuit or something though.. and it was Google that did the laying off.
Yes, Harmony OS, Kirin is actually the processor, I mixed that one up. I think Huawei was solid back then and it was beautiful as well. However, I don't see myself using a system without Google services. I think it's because I've been hooked. Although Huawei has got theirs too, buuuuuut I still wouldn't use it and many people would share this sentiment.

In reality, Apple is the king of softwares. I think it'll take long for Android to match up when it comes to Apple. You should use an iPhone and you might just change your mind. However, I won't deny the flexibility of android and this is why my main phone is an android device

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At the moment, life without Google may be a total mess. It has become a strong hold a service to many systems that exist now. We have all been hooked. I think it would be the Chinese (I think they do not care much about Google) that really use HarmonyOS.

I do dispute the fact that Apple has impeccable software. In fact, I do have a strong feeling that I may warm up to it quickly and fall in love, if when I get a hold of one of their devices.

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I think the photos does look kind of IT oriented, but at the same time it also feels like its more about relaxation and yourself, the post kind of fooled me into thinking it was about IO's and Android yet it was not, its more of a mix of yourself and your way to live, cool blogging right there. Big hug and see you around.

Yeah erhm I felt the post that accompanied the pictures talked about software and tech and gadgets and that was why I used geekzone, erhm, if it isn't suited for the community, I'll be sure not to post something like this here again. 😃 . Thanks for reminding me, appreciate it..

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It fits, in fact, only geeks would get all of those things together xD, that is why I loved the post, because it feels like the most geekzone post I have read today so far, and that is cool enough. Im more of an "approach guy" that do post in a semi academic way, yet yours feels more personal, and I like it, people in this community try to be less general about stuff, most posts are always centered about either what device, app or game they like and why. But what place is better to geek out than geekzone?

That is why i told you "cool blogging right there" meaning that I liked it, that I found it cool.

Btw, good pics.

Ohhhh okay, that's amazing thank you, well I'm the kind of creator that personalizes my content, so that my readers would get a hang of what I'm trying to talk about, while being educated, informed and entertained at the same time.
Thanks a lot for approving....I don't do much post often here, hopefully I'll do more with time.