DYO Review - Free Puzzle Platformer on Steam

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Hi guys, this is my first post in this community. A few days ago, I found out about this game and I thought I've to recommend it to people here.

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If you enjoy mind-bending cooperative platformers and enjoy working collaboratively with others to solve puzzles, then DYO may be a great game for you to play. It's unique split-screen mechanics and colorful graphics make for an engaging and entertaining gameplay experience.

DYO challenges players to navigate their way through a split-screen world. In this game, players control two characters and can leap back and forth between the two halves of the screen.

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The game's mechanics require the two characters to work together to solve puzzles, avoid dangers, and progress through each level. You must have excellent communication skills and strategic thinking to succeed.

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Overall, DYO is an excellent game for those interested in cooperative platformers and gives players the opportunity to test their communication and puzzle-solving skills.


It seems like a good game 👍

Indeed, it's fun and challenging

Greetings brother, this game looks great! however I recommend you to read the rules of the community, one of them is to have at least 500 words in one language.😁

Hello, Oh sorry. i will check it out.

I forgot 😅 here is DYO steam page