FAMILY Pro- HIVE (Onboarding Orientation)

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"When a family is envisioned to reach an objective, assuredly, a breakthrough that everyone could wish for will begin to be unleashed!"



Another spectacular Hive Onboarding Orientation was conducted on Saturday at Malingin Elementary School, Bogo, Cebu. I was excited upon learning the news since it was posted in our chat group weeks before, owing to this, I planned to invite my family to this event.


Regardless of the fact that Malingin Elementary School Bogo Cebu is a 2 hour and 20 minutes trip from Mandaue City, but our family's willingness to join the Hive orientation outweigh the risk of some battling elemental travel forces like unpredictable weather etc.

October 21, 2023, came...


The mere fact that it was their long rest day from school and they were not used to waking up early during weekends made me struggled to wake up my sweethearts early that morning. But since we were able to agree a few days ago about the family's travels, they were compelled to groom themselves. Later, we packed our stuff up and got ready to go.

After that, I went outside to buy some rice cakes, or in Cebuano binisaya "puto maya". We enjoyed our hot sweet-salty blend rice cakes together, which I had bought from Nanay Igling and twinned with milky Kopiko coffee for breakfast.



Going outside our barangay, we fetched out our thrifted shoes simultaneously, since Saturday is a regular selling day in Damug, Sogod, Cebu. We were crammed with bundles of shoes. Thus, my husband managed to drive with moderate care. We arrived at Damulog around 9 a.m. and dropped the stocks off in the area. My son did the shoe vending for a moment with Josie, our business partner, on the other side.




Resourcefully my husband was fixing up our plate number placard using a shoelace, because the screws were loosening and the other screw was lost. Thanks to a concerned citizen for his kind notification.

Just then, when we were a few kilometers away from Damulog, my husband drove the sidecar motorbike a bit fast just to arrive at the venue on time. Suddenly, out of nowhere, a flashing motorist called up our attention, admonishing us that our plate number card was about to be unscrewed. The incident prompted us to halt for a moment as my husband fastened the plate number card onto it. Resourcefully, my husband made use of shoelace just to temporarily glue it since the other screw was unloosened up. Thank God for sending someone who cares for our welfare. At 9:30 in the morning, we finally reached our destination. I was glad because we were able to catch the introduction part. Yehey, we were not that late😁



With our gorgeous curators @indayclara, @intoybugoy and the rest of the friendly onboarders


Welcome Bless (my daughter) a young hive explorer.

Soon the orientation began with our enthuasiatic curators, Ma'am Clara Pialca @indayclara, Sir Rolando Sadullo @intoybugoy, and all the teachers onboard. It was remarkably fun! Afterwards, we had our memories filmed that day. What was more satisfying was the sumptuous lunch prepared by Malingin Elementary School Principal Sir Renato Verallo. Keep it up, sir. ☺️ Indeed, it was all a momentous hour of the day.



Soothing beauty of nature


A creative corn field display

Going home, we came to pass something somewhat new to me. Corn fruits in an enormous field, undressed under the glittering heat of the sun. Wow, such awesome strategic creativity from an imaginative and critical thinker! I unspokenly uttered it with surprise.
It was in fact done with the purpose of alluring the important coming visitors with some point of engagement.



A casual visit from my cousin ma'am Amy Loberanes who introduced me to Hive few months ago.

We moved on in our travels as we glimpsed side by side to witness the awesome beauty of nature. Swinging shrubs and lush-filled mountains are so refreshing and tranquilizing. And just as we were able to turn right outside to the city, I received a message from Ma'am Amy Loberanes telling us to drop by their house because the luggage bag that I was borrowing from her a week ago was already available for use. My daughter will need it because she will be flying to Manila on October 30, 2023, for the Asia Pacific Youth Conference.

With this account, we swerved to left upon reaching the corner Ilihan in order to reach Tabogon with my cousin's residence before 4 o'clock for us to also go home in Mandaue before twilight. After a few short conversations, we urge ourselves to go.


Upon arrival, my son had packed the thrifted shoes with Josie and was ready to load up the motorcycle. From there, we went our way, this time with four of us in the family. Since the day light was almost gone and the night was about to sway over, we dropped by street chicken stalls to buy something for our dinner. We arrived home at almost 7 o'clock in the evening and retired early with a good night's sleep.



That was a long weekend engagement for a Pro-Hive family. Despite the long journey from Mandaue to Bogo, we were so happy that my daughter had finally made it to the orientation. Life is just like that; it is a short, long trip. Short because, compared to eternity, it is matchless, while at the same time, it's long because there are a lot of struggles and trials along the way, and that makes it seem like too tough to overcome. However, if we keep our faith unstumbling, we can have a victory as exemplary as the one we had before.

Thanks for reading mga ka hive. Until next time. See you around.❤


Excited for your daughter to join Hive soon!

Hello miss Clara @indayclara 🤩😍..Yes miss. She's preparing for her introblog.Thanks for dropping by miss. This is unforgettably cherished☺️

It is nice to see you in Orientation @crownrich together with your family. Happy you shared it with your loved ones.

Welcome sir @intoy.bugoy. Its my pleasure gyud sir. You are all a blessing to us.God bless on our journey soaring up high together with Hive...

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Thanks a lot @hivebuzz . So happy to be part of this platform sir/ma'am.😍

You're welcome @crownrich, it's well deserved! Congrats on your constant involvement on Hive 😊👍

my pleasure sir/maam @hivebuzz 🥰😇

I am delightful from within in joining hive. its exciting and a lot more to learn @hivebuzz

Thank you for your eagerness to join the hive orientation @crownrich despite being so far away. I appreciate your willingness together with your family. Truly you are an inspiration to all newbies in hive.

Hello mam @dehai 🥰☺️...thanks more to all of cordial and suppotlrtive you are...God bless

A family that joins Hive together is a family that produces the sweetest honey! 🥰 ... It's inspiring to see your whole family at the orientation maam @crownrich .

Hi mam @ciadanmea ☺️. Thats true mam.
.Thanks a lot mam ha..for being so accomodating and for backing us up.