Sometimes friends can lead you to sketchy places, and you'll end up loving it

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Have you ever been led to a sketchy place by your friends?

We were, and this is the story of how it all happened.

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It's that time of the year again when I get to catch up with my college besties, reminiscing about old times and creating new memories. Our main goal is to hang out and reconnect, sharing updates about our lives over a cup of coffee, without any elaborate plans in mind.

We've decided to hang out in Rockwell and eat brunch at Refinery. I suppose I'll save the post about our brunch for another time.

what we had for brunch

After that, we just decided to casually walk around Rockwell before heading to Circuit. We wanted to try Roller Skating there, but unfortunately, the rink was tiny and packed with kids.

Rolyo Sk8house | Circuit, Makati

Since we had nothing better to do, we thought we'd go to Starbucks for coffee and a chat. We're still sleepy even after all the caffeine! We got to a point where we were searching for an Airbnb nearby to take a quick nap before heading out again. Ended up wandering around to find something else to do.

our coffee @ Starbucks

We had our eyes set on the Left Behind escape room, but unfortunately, upon checking, we discovered that all the slots are fully booked and there is no availability for us.

escape room

We began searching for other activities to occupy our time. We were just passing by and Penny mentioned how she missed playing football. Gigi and I were dead tired, so we went online to find something fun to do and she mentioned she knows a spot!

We made our way to the main entrance and I booked a grab to wherever Gigi wanted us to go.

Circuit, Makati

We're gonna go play some bowling and billiards. During our college years, Gigi and I shared a common interest in playing billiards.

When we're in the area, we keep bothering Gigi to double-check if this is the right spot 'cause it looks sketchy. Most of the stores were closed and there weren't many people. This place totally gives off those vibes from movies where the bad guys hide lol.

stairs going to the bowling alley

Okay, there's this super sketchy alley that's like totally deserted but we can't shake the feeling that someone's gonna grab us any second. I hang on to my bag like my life depends on it 🤣


Penny and I were getting really close to Gigi, physically holding on to her just to be safe. Still, we trust Gigi that she won't take us anywhere unsafe.

Before going into the Bowling and Billiards Alley, we walked by a guy who's holding the door. I suppose he's the guard, just dressed casually? Although I was unsure, we still went ahead and headed in.

When Gigi showed us around, there weren't many people yet and the billiards table was completely empty. It's so sketchy! Gigi wanted to know if we already liked it there. I'm not completely convinced, but just seeing that empty billiards table makes me want to start playing! No way I'm playing in a crowded place (don't wanna show off my billiards skills 😂), so this place is already a win, even if it's a bit sketchy.

Penny didn't say anything, but she showed us what she meant. She left the place and went out. We were right behind her. I mentioned to Gigi that the place seemed familiar because my friend and I had tried the shooting range there. We went there, but Penny suggested going back to where we came from because she wants to give bowling a try.

Superbowl, where we played bowling

Superbowl's pricelist

We went back in and made the payment for our game. Bowling sessions are open Monday to Friday, with each game costing Php 170 or $3 per person. We paid for 3 games of Bowling and also rented shoes. We've walked so much from Rockwell, Circuit, and this place that we're too tired to stand and just want to sit while we wait for our turn.


We put our names on the scoreboard and began playing. Besides us, there was also a group of people playing in the bowling alley, so we weren't alone.

Our conversations during playtime often revolve around our lives.

While playing, Penny managed to add another embarrassing moment to her list when she was dragged by the heavy ball while taking her shot 😂

Gigi and I were so engrossed in our conversation that we completely missed seeing Penny kiss the floor 😅 She later told us that people were looking at her with pity, trying not to laugh, and we didn't even notice or try to help her. We're sorry for not paying attention though, but it was really hilarious! Of course, we asked her if she was alright after our laughter. She was fine though, and we promised to pay attention 😄

Even after the game ended, we were still laughing. Penny's embarrassing moment ended up being worth it! Look at her score!

our scoreboard

We had a great time playing! Gotta give a big thanks to Gigi for taking us to this shady spot! I can't wait to find out where we're going next!

Have you ever gone to a sketchy spot and surprisingly had fun?

All images are mine unless otherwise stated.
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Nice. Enjoy ganito trip hehe..

Kaya nga ate eh, nag enjoy naman kami 😄

hahaha ang nice naman. 😁

yes hahaha kahit sketchy 🤣

haha many times! but they always the most interesting experience and has memory that lasts a lifetime. Also, enjoy the trip!

but they always the most interesting experience and has memory that lasts a lifetime

Exactly! There is no chance that I would forget this one.

Wow, it looks like they had a busy day, but it's good that they had fun.

We had and we def had so much fun! 😄

Spontaneous gala with friends are the best nyahahah

bumawi naman si pen sa nangyari sakanya.. Whoa 😆

Ang saya naman jan 🥹

Spontaneous gala with friends are the best nyahahah

True! With my other friends, may plan talaga, pero pag ganitong walang specific thing to do, kung saan saan kami napapadpad

Uwi na ulit dito Jude! Sama ka ba meetup?

🥹 kung wala lang akong problema dinadala c i would commit to go sa meetup.. kaso need ko pa e fix muna to eh, pag naging okay na I'll reward myself tlga and fly there and will meet you guys there too.. someday 💖

Since matatakutin ako, I dare not to. Pero kung may kasama pwede naman kasi, yun nga langmas mabilis ako tumakbo kapag talagang sketchy yung place. 😂

Hahaha nakaready na rin kami tumakbo eh kaso di namin kabisado yung place 😆

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