Memorable Jollibee Party for My Cousin's 8th Birthday

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Good day divers family! How are you? I hope you're all good and happy each day because I already did. The reason for the happiness is that we will be able to attend my cousin's Jollibee Party Celebration that specifically happened on February 24, 2024.Allow me to share these moments together with my family and friends who are sparing their time to be with us during these special times.
*Layout from Canva*.

The celebrant was one of my cousins: Patrice, who I currently take good care of together with her brother. She just turned 8 years old.

Weeks prior to the celebration, her mom and I had already prepared all the necessary things needed. Since, she wished to have her birthday celebrated at the Jollibee. Yes, she wants to try the Jollibee Party. And since there is no other person to be trusted other than me, I did inquire how much the party packages would cost in the available Jollibee stores. Upon my inquiries, I was able to know the package cost and inclusions. Given that it's a Jollibee Party, most of her visitors were kids. So, the inclusions were all for kids. After that, I did my bookings and paid for half and the remaining balance is paid after the party. The details of the party package are shown below.

The Theme
There are three choices for the Theme 1: Jollitown Theme Party
Theme 2: Jollibee Fairytale Land
Theme 3: Jollirace
We choose the second theme which is Jollibee Fairytale Land.

Party Fee and Inclusions:
The party fee is PHP 2,500 (44.56 USD) with the following inclusions:

15 Party Invitations15 Lootbags
15 Party HatsGame Prizes
15 NametagsGift for the Celebrant
15 Balloons15 Activity Traymats

Jollibee Characters:
Jollibee Mascot appearance plus one additional Jollibee Character - Hetty (the spaghetti)

Food Packages:
We chose the Meal Bundle D, that includes 1-pc Chickenjoy w/rice, Jolly Spaghetti, Regular Fries,Regular Drinks,and Choco Sundae.

Five days before the celebration, the store called me and said that there was a problem with the bookings as the crew who booked for us mistakenly gave us the taken seats. We were very disappointed at that time because we thought everything was all set. Her mom asked me to personally went to the store for she wants to talk to the manager. The manager were sorry and she did look for available stores for us to transfer our bookings. By the way, the first venue was at Jollibee - Capitol Cebu, but due to some problem, the final venue was at Jollibee - Jy. They acknowledge their lapses, and we understand, so we inform our visitors about the changes. To make it up for us, they promised to give cake for the celebrant.

They offered me snacks while waiting for everything to be settled.

The actual party happened on February 24, 2024,at 9-11 am. But, her actual birthday was two days before. The celebrant is so excited. We woke up early at 6 am and prepared since we had to travel to the destination. We arrived at 8 :30 in the morning. When we arrived, one of her visitors arrived earlier than us. We entered the room assigned for us, and we were so amazed. The designs were all set, expectation were met.

We settled down while waiting for other visitors and at exactly 9:30, the program started. Two of the Jollibee staff took charge of the program. They are so jolly and incredible. They entertained us and, for a minute, they ordered the kids to play games.

Just in time, some of the visitors keep arriving. The kids are really enjoying themselves playing games. After every game, winners received a price, which mostly are Jollibee collectible items.

After having the games, it was already 11, so we decided to eat our lunch. A food package that includes chicken with rice and drinks, spaghetti, fries and ice cream were served to each one. I was not able to take pictures since I was helping the crew with distributing the food for everyone. But, here is the sample from the Pinterest.

Photo from Pinterest.

While having lunch, the most awaited special guests have arrived - Jollibee and Hetty in mascot. My cousin (the celebrant) jumped while meeting the mascot at the door because of her excitement. Even us older people, especially parents, were so happy seeing the mascots. They entertained us and danced gracefully for us. The mascots also give messages to the celebrant. After the entertainment, the blowing of candles on the cake and singing of happy birthday took place. Her parents are also calling from abroad to send her a warm birthday message.

Afterward, the crew ordered us to take pictures with Jollibee and Hetty mascots. The kids are the ones who were always excited about playing with them. Some of the kids were also afraid of the mascots.

While others are taking pictures, the celebrant let the kids fall in line as she gives them lootbags to take home. And then, the picture taking continues. When it's almost time, the mascots say goodbye, and we are also getting our things ready to go home. It's so tiring, but nothing compares with the happiness it has given me.

When we got home, my cousin excitedly unboxed all the gifts she received. She is so happy🥰❤❤

Overall, the experience is so great and fun. To be honest, I had so much joy. Speaking of kids and Jollibee, I thought it was only them who would be super happy about the experience, but I admit, I am very happy as well. It is my first ever experience joining a Jollibee Party. My inner child who used to celebrate a simple birthday is super happy, it healed a part of me. I am grateful for the experience. Indeed, a memorable one.

Thank you so much for reading this blog. I am just so happy. I may be exhausted from it, but it's definitely worth the efforts. If you can, it is a must-try experience, especially with parents who want to give their children the best birthday in their life for once.


Happy birthday to your cousin, @digdeeper2 !

Awh, those things are so cute. Hbd to your cousin, surely you'll were enjoyed at that moment.✨

Jolliparty is so special for children. HBD to your cousin ^^

Having a Jollibee party is one of the child's dreams. Happy to see you all having fun

Indeed sir. Thank you so much🥰