"Let's make the most of our day.": Movie at the park .

I hope you're having a great day with your loved ones.Again this is Helianthus-chloe,

In today's busy world, it can be tough to find quality time with family and friends, but it doesn't have to be a grand gesture or an expensive outing. Simple activities like game nights, movie marathons, and conversations can help you build lasting memories.

movie at the park

In today's busy world, quality time with loved ones can feel like a luxury. Between work schedules, packed calendars, and the constant digital distractions, creating meaningful connections with our families.

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So, put down your phones, step away from the screens, and get ready to rediscover the joy of genuine connection with the people who matter most before you regret it.

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Today, my husband and I went out to watch a movie since I had no school or work. In our town, they have a movie night in the park every Friday and Saturday where families and friends gather to watch movies together. Even people who are not from our town can join in.


Although my husband had work, we waited for him at the waiting shed in our barangay for an hour. When he arrived, we went straight to Naga proper. Although the movie had already started, we found a spot near the screen where we could sit. I put a blanket on the grass and prepared some food. My husband bought siomai, fried chicken, puso, popcorn, water, and soda, which made for a budget-friendly family dinner. The ambiance of the park was calming, perfect for people who love each other.

our budget-friendly food

We watched Kung Fu Panda, which my son loved. He really enjoyed the movie, and my daughter loved cuddling with her father.My daughter loves to get her father's attention. She is a daddy's girl and enjoys being carried and playing with him. Although she loves me too, she definitely has a preference for her father, which is the opposite of her brother.


It was heartwarming to see my family sitting together, watching the movie, and laughing.In the future, when my kids grow up, they will look at this photo and remember the happy moments they spent together. They will remember how much they enjoyed each other's company, how my daughter kissed her brother, and how my son felt his sister's love. We take photos like these to capture memories that will last a lifetime, so that when they have families of their own, they can create similar memories with their loved ones.

my son enjoying the movie

After the first movie, we took some photos together. However, my husband found the next movie boring, and it wasn't kid-friendly as there were guns involved. My husband is a very protective father and doesn't want our kids to watch anything that's not appropriate for their age. So, we decided to go home since it was already nine in the evening, and we had school and work the next day.

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Precious time

When we got home, my kids were tired, but my son said, "Thank you, Mama and Papa, for tonight. I had a great night, and the movie was really fun. Me and Chloe love you."


Actually, there are months when we can't get them outside to date the kids because I have studies in the morning and work in the evening. Similarly, my husband gets to work at eight in the morning and sometimes goes home around two or three in the morning because he delivers electrical supplies around Cebu.

This one is my husband's work.

As the saying goes, "If there is a will, there is a way," so as parents, we always find a way to spend time with them both. We also make sure to be there occasionally, attending my son's extracurricular activities and meetings, and making small gestures that have a big impact on my children each time.

kuya ace's sinulog

My son saw Ironman at the theatre when he was five or six years old, his first movie theatre experience. My kid exclaimed, "Ironman was a great guy. He saves lives. Why did Thanos do that?" when he saw that Ironman had died in the movie due to Thanos. We comforted him by telling him that Ironman had not actually died in real life and that the scene had just been filmed.


Unfortunately, I don't have enough money to take my kids out for a dinner date, as I am currently sending my earnings from working at Nustar to support my family, and my husband's salary is primarily used for our children's school allowance and our daily necessities, as well as our pigs' feed. We have five fattening pigs and a mother pig to take care of.


Nonetheless, I am grateful for the City of Naga Cebu for organizing a movie marathon that my family and I can enjoy without spending too much. Nowadays, everything is expensive, especially if you have kids who always want something. That's why we can't afford to go to malls or theme parks often, but we try to bring them there whenever we can.


Although, I know that someday, I will be able to provide my children with everything they want and take them to theme parks. But for now, we make the most out of our time together and create memories that will last a lifetime.


Quality time is like a seed. It needs to be nurtured with attention, presence, and love to blossom into a strong and lasting bond.quality time doesn't have to be complicated. Even small moments of focused connection can make a big difference. Make it a priority, and watch your relationships blossom.


Nice bonding with the family

Thank you sir 💛✨

In today's busy world, quality time with loved ones can feel like a luxury.

Certainly, time is really scarce and it really feels like a luxury for us to spend time with our love ones because we really have a lot of things to do.

I see the happy faces of your children maam. Family bonding is valuable than other things, by the love of parents made more stronger to stay together.

Yes maam,they have the most beautiful smile.

Glad that you had the most amazing time with you fam. Anyway, thank you for sharing!🤗

The gift of family is divine
Family is everything
Thank you for creating time for your family because at the end of every thing its family that matter the most💕💕

Thank you maam 💛✨