Welcoming the Newly Christian Child

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Hi, hives! it is another awesome day ahead for our family and another blessed child to a christening today. Christening is a sacred tradition among Christian Filipinos here in the Philippines they christen the child after they are born.
Before that met my cousin she was my first-degree cousin from my mother's side My mother and my mother are siblings, and this cousin of mine is one of my closest cousins and the baby girl who christening today is her first born daughter. And I'm one of the godmothers of her daughter.Then we start for the celebration a day before the christening. A day before christening our relative makes pusu or ganging rice and suman, pusu is traditionally cooked rice in any celebration we have in our family then pusu is made in coconut shot leaf they made by a diamond shape or rectangular shape, and suman is they same made in coconut shot leaf. Pusu and suman they made before the day of Christianity my Elders' relatives and my family believe that pusu and suman reflect the pureness of souls and are more magnetic blessings to the baby whwhosehristening they called “LIHI" or “PAMAHIIN" to our elders in the family.

Then after that, we designed the house of my aunt my cousin's mother they held the celebration. And we help each other to make it more presentable.


I'm the one who designed the balloons and put the curtains, I chose a pink theme because it is a baby girl I mixed orange color curtains to make it lighter the ambiance I had struggled putting and tying the balloons it's my first time doing this my cousin had no time to designing of her own that's why my cousin choose me to handle it because I'm one of the godmother of her daughter and she trust to do it So I'm trying to be good designer. I don't think I made it to the right position because I don't have the talent of designing so I did it all of my best to make it good and presentable to my cousin.


Then after designing and cleaning the house afterwards, we proceed by preparing utensils for preparing the food.

The celebration cannot be complete without litchon, and that's my brother and uncle they assigned to handle and grill the litchon.


Then afterwards were done preparing the dining area and putting the other foods on the table and after that, we waited for the new Christian child and the parents.

And this picture my uncle and my other relatives helped to carry and position the litchon on the table we had a little problem that time because the table was not good enough for the litchon and other prepared foods so some other food was not on the table.


The celebration was a blast there so many guests and relatives arrived at the house and also my cousin and his husband carrying her newly christening daughter arrived, the celebration began by giving gifts and other traditional doing.

And this picture the newly christening baby is laying down in bed and under her head is a bible book in our family it is traditionally done after the christening and after 2to3 to minutes, they carry the baby and pass it to the godmother and godfather of the child then afterwards the godmother and godfather give there blessing to the child or gift.


After for blessing, we proceed serving the guests for lunchtime and then pictures taking after.


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happy christening

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