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Every human being by default ought to drink some liquid though the commonest one is water. Water as is known the universal solvent because of its relevance in virtually all sectors. I doubt whether there's any liquefied substance that is not a derivative or deduced from water. I noticed that to a great extend the human body system is made up water. Water is necessary for survival and other surplus reasons.

When I saw the perspective for today, I noticed that the binding force or the common factor amongst all drinks is water.
Beer is an alcoholic drink that can be gotten from plants or cereal which undergoes certain chemical process before it's finally refined as beer. There are different kind of these substances. When I was growing up, I thought beer is a prohibited substance hence has no nutritional value not until I had to go in further studies and with this prompt made me delve into deeper sense of it. There was this nurture we had that people that drink alcohol are not serious in life and it kills them easily. I never knew the significance of alcohol to human body system.

Alcohol itself is not bad but where the challenge emanated was the way it was handled. I know alcohol contain vitamins and certain component relevant for body. Alcohol is also one of the best preservatives known that can easily be used in food. It's never a crime to drink alcohol of any kind but how is handled is very important. It's just like eating food is not a sin but when you over eat it could result to a critical medical condition. Similarly alcohol. It's commonly said that when the purpose of a thing is not known certainly there would be lots of abuse. Many people today have abused alcohol in different dimensions. Some take it for different reasons while others sought for counsel from a medical personnel before taking any step.

Some beers or alcohol or beverage are used as preservatives. I could remember when my wife used to bake cake. She used to add a little portion of alcohol as a preservative to allow the cake to stay for a while before it spoiled. If alcohol was evil then most companies should have been halted from production by now. There was a man in my axis that likes taking alcohol sometimes uncontrollably even he's death but I would share the experience I had with him. He was a magistrate in one of the courts in my village then. I bashed in to process my declaration of age affidavit early in the morning hmmm behold, he was drunk already with alcohol all over him. He started talking any how and irresponsible hmmm that is one of the impact of alcohol abuse. He comes home very late and wouldn't allow us to hear words. This situation escalated and mumbled with his health challenge that led to his demise some years back.

Mocktail is a non alcoholic drink that has a mixture of other fruit juice. It's served mostly at occasion like wedding, birthday party, festival etc. Most people enjoy this kind of drink and has acceptability across all ages. Festival is a period for celebration where beer or alcohol or cocktail can be served as a refreshment.


Some beer or alcohol can be used to cure illnesses and could be used as festival drinks.

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Man, alcohol needs to be eliminated completely! It's a heavy drug that ruins your life!