Sound the Alarm

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Sound the Alarm

It is very important for us to know that we are gradually moving to the end of the world. A lot of things are happening which are signs of the end time, there are clashes of thrones, authority and powers. Therefore it is important for us the believe to stand on our feet and get ourselves ready for the coming of our lord Jesus Christ and also at the same time reach out to the lost souls all over the world.

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Many souls are in darkness yet they think that they are enjoying. In fact many are dieing daily, it will still Interest you to know that we still have some people that have not yet hear the gospel of Jesus Christ at all.

Statistics have it that we have 7.9 billion people on the surface of this earth and out of this 7.9 billion, we have 2.382 billion that are Christian that is 31.11% that profess that they are Christian. Note that out of this figure of 2.382 billion will still have people that are not really walk and living a life of a true Christian( believer), majority of the people in this figure are only classified as a Christian because they were born into a Christian home but have not have an encounter with Jesus Christ.

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This figure show that we the believer must not sleep rather we are suppose to stand up and preach the gospel to our world starting for the people that are close to us which is in our surroundings. They need to see the light that come from the gospel and move from darkness to light.

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Listen to me hell is real just like heaven is real and in fact you do not wish or want your enemies to be in hell, it is a place of pain, regret, sorrow and punishment to any lost souls that die without knowing and submitting him or her self to Christ.

Let the love of God fill our heart and let us sound the alarm that Jesus is coming back soon.


In conclusion if you have not given your life to Jesus Christ this is an opportunity to do so. And also let all of us that have accept Jesus as our lord and personal saviour step out to preach the gospel to the lost souls.

If you want to give your life to Jesus say lord Jesus, I accept you into my life as my lord and personal saviour, forgive me all my sin and write my name in the book of life. Thank you for accepting me, in Jesus name I have pray (Amen)



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