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Good greetings great people, it's great to be back after the song(https://peakd.com/hive-108514/@ogeewitty/what-did-i-do-i-had-no-meaning) I dropped for you,in this my nascent walk in this community.


With reference to the above picture, at a glance you may notice the root of the problem.

Sir you are a crayon,born a crayon,fashioned a crayon,revel in that understanding!
Same goes to you Mr. Pencil sir.

It's so easy(just incase you don't know) to drift out of admiration for your uniqueness.

It's an age old trick. What was the temptation in the Garden of Eden? Mrs Adam,if you eat this thing you will be like God. Were they not already like God? My answer is "no"

Aha commotion in my writing right? I am misreading this thing right?
My dear, they were no longer like God in their minds, they had drifted, in focus.

Yeah they were still like God by design, but by desire they had drifted...you know like the crayon thinking in pencil language. Who gave Mr. crayon such a burdensome task?

Who are you Sir?
Who are you Ma?

Do you recall the day ONLY Peter was able to define who Jesus really was? Jesus said to him "for flesh and blood hath not revealed it unto thee, but my Father which is in heaven."

Bingo! The Almighty sage just gave you a keynote speech there.
Truth is that if you allow flesh and blood to define you,your entire life becomes a lie no matter how "sweet". I tell you honestly.

Flesh and blood means:

  1. Your tribe
  2. Your beginnings or your culture.
  3. Your intellect,talent, intelligence,wit,education.
  4. What people say, your pains, disappointments,your inner scars no one knows

Listen, as good as some of the above may be in themselves, they are garbage,utter vanity when it comes to self definition. Nothing, no titles,no degree, no societal pedigree is weighty enough to define a man.

Jesus said to Peter,it is my Father that told you my real identity. How did Peter and the invisible Father communicate suddenly? It was by the Spirit. Your real life, your real identity is domiciled in the Spirit.

If you get into Spirit-life fully, not mere religion, you would be fulfilled.

My experience teaches me that the older you get physically, the tendency to change becomes weaker. Your belief system tends to be fully solidified at age 30.

But the English will say "it is better late, than never". The Bible says it better-"..your old men shall dream dreams.." in Joel 2:28. Meaning those who are normally past it,weak,full of errors will be revived. It's left to them to believe.

So it's time for somebody to jerk back to reality and locate the Father and find true meaning.

Maybe you could check out that popular Bible story I was we taught in a subject called Bible Knowledge(BK) in Primary School– THE PRODIGAL SON,LK 15.

Locating the Father is a veritable cure for comparing yourself with another. "..but they measuring themselves by themselves, and comparing themselves among themselves,are not wise."– in 2Cor 10:12.