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Declaring a week full of blessings and good news, we share this message with the image of two beautiful children, it is a way to unite and say that we will never agree with social discrimination, we will always promote love, solidarity and mercy for our neighbor, in these adverse times in which we are immersed there is no better way to tell the world, here we are in community, working for a better future and for the restoration of society.

In our years working as a community established in the blockchain also with real work, we start from the premise that all work must leave an indelible mark on society, we are promoting all those organizations, foundations that are sowing not only technology, not just technology. Intellectual part, also those who know that there is a purpose and a social responsibility with our city, with the children, with the people that surround us, this is the added value of HeartChurch, we think of construction, development, training of leaders, in obtaining resources, but we also think about community social work. Community strategies is new knowledge, which is important to disclose for those platforms, service companies, which in addition to including relationship marketing strategies and proclaiming social responsibility, must include the community concept in the strategic mission of the organization.

We are in a world of teamwork and social empathy, they will have the advantage in terms of competitors, it is important to add value to what we do, educate, reinsert, and empower the individual with unique abilities, we cannot discriminate against anyone or Because of its color, or religious beliefs, we are all here and we all have a purpose.

As leaders we have an important mission to fulfill, it is very gratifying when we see the fruits in the people we have guided, but that is something genuine from the heart, with the example and the work is we can achieve the respect and loyalty that the community requires. we represent, we cannot help thanking @sirknight who taught us by example to work in community and as a team.


Now we have the opportunity to interact with another ally where we can integrate more people in the adoption of blockchain technology such as @hive, all in the framework of cooperation and mutual respect.HeartChurch has done an excellent job and will continue to do so, now with the HeartHouse, social and educational work continues.

We are in week 4 of the challenge, we hope that each of the people who make up our community can show us their HearHouse from their locality, it is something easy and simple.The intention is to build a network through public relations, a community must function to accomplish a mission, then:

What is your homework?

We want to grow, but we do not want to pay the price and the work that this requires, we cannot leave the work that belongs to all of us, leave your comfort zone, act as a spectator, leave your own system and see that around there is a world of opportunities and people who also work and need to be taken into account, this is the time to patch up territories, don't just think of the "I" you will see how everything flows naturally and spontaneously.

We love equality, the one that as human beings was granted to us from the foundation of the world, sow a seed of love in someone's life, I think that if we can, sometimes we use knowledge and resources for evil, but there are men and women who are still willing to go the extra mile, nothing remains without reward.

Tell the righteous that it will be well, says the word.

Let us remember that when we ask for justice, or we do not feel like a judge in a certain situation, it also comes for us to confront our lives. The way is union and it is the peace of the peoples.


I share a melody made by Marcos Molina @minuetoacademy, based on the Good Samaritan for the social work of HeartChurch Venezuela and the Bread From Heaven project, simply beautiful.

Remembe: We are doing this not to fill a space, but to exercise and develop responsibility, commitment and leadership, coupled with the ability to multiply in each geographical or virtual area.

Any questions or suggestions are communicated through the channels:


My life belongs to God and neighbor, while there is encouragement in me, it will be an honor to do everything I can to bless the land.


Thank you to all who contribute their votes to our community:@pennsif, @penguinpablo,@exyle,@mhm-philippines,@luppers,@payroll,@redpalestino, @arcangel,@gerber, @hanshotfirst, @theycallmedan.




Amen and Amen, this week will be the most.

This is beautiful, Darlenys, may God continue to give wisdom for the growth and leadership of communities.

There is definitely a balance between leadership and community success, thank you for sharing such wise and inspiring words that lead us to work and growth, both moral and spiritual.

Very important reflection for this time.

Your life is wholly encouragement! I learn from you always.

More grace.


I will turn on my light and support this moving train. HeartChurch...