Speak Out

in HeartChurch3 years ago

To speak is to set up things in places, or to rearrange existed things to favour us. We speak to command things. As beliver, we should speak positively to ensure a bright future and also to help our spiritual life. Our lives, should be based on the word of God so that, we will not fail to speak well.


Even God, used his words, to make things be, expecting us, to do because he created us in his own image. Renew your mind: everything comes from the mind, the way we act towards things, is the backed up by our minds. Grace to speak: there is only one grace, but in different dimensions. This grace, is Christ, that leaves in us, enabling us to speak. He is the word of God that teaches us all good things.

If you don't feel the pains of previous words, you won't value your next words
Speak against certain patterns, that do not favour you. Do not accept every partern, you come to see, but change it.

Until there is a rejection in the spirit, there is no resistant in the physical. Your spirit man, controls your physical. And if your spirit man is not increased by the word of God, you in the physical will not amount to anything. Note that, life is more spiritual than physical.

Your spirit man, has to manifest God, for a proper placing of words. Manifesting God, is having a divine evident of something.

We live by what we constantly speak. Whatever your heart think, your mouth speak, and you become. Speaking with the power of the holy spirit, aids all-round growth. Also, faith in speaking, aids fast manifestation.

Speaking is more spiritual than physical
Also speaking in faith,ulters things, in the spirit. The word of God, aids spiritual speakings; spiritual speakings is speaking with faith. When we speak negative words, our spirit man reduces.

Positive speaking, is gotten from the place of prayer. Altar, should be raised for proper connection during prayer. Also to.pray and privail, praying alone is necessary.
Our future, is determined by what we speak today. I'm a man, want to be relevant, he has to speak positively