Darwin Forest and the Horizontal Rain

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Last night @fadetoblack and I finally managed to coordinate diaries and ventured out in to the dark. It had been so long since we collaborated together we ended up like a pair of "noobs" and forgot to check the weather!

The plan was to meet up at Darwin Forest near Matlock in the Derbyshire Peak District. In one particular spot is a fairly well known line of trees with a slight lean making them quite photogenic to the hordes of Peak District visitors. We decided to visit in the dark because we like to do stuff that hasn't been done before. I don't believe anyone has shot this place in the dark.

We duly arrived, hoisted back packs, shouldered tripods and walked to the location. Almost immediately as we stepped on the lane of trees it started to rain. Not just a few rain drops but the biblical, horizontal stuff like you see in movies.

Undeterred and determined to get a shot, I set up my camera in a hurry and this is what I got!


This was the 2nd shot of the evening. The rain was coming down so hard I had to work fast. This is a case where familiarity with the controls on the camera really helps. I set f5.6 in manual mode, shutter to Bulb and ISO to a guess of ISO200. I somehow miraculously managed to focus too!

I used a flashgun and fired 12 times to light up the scene meaning the movement of the trees in the wind created a nice blur.

The apparent grain in the image isn't grain; it's rain. The stuff was horizontal!


Camera Rotation

It's been a while since I did any camera rotation photography. This is a process whereby the camera is rotated on it's lens axis during a single photographic exposure. For each rotation, it's necessary to replace the lens cap so as to prevent stray light hitting the image sensor. Which is just as well as it was still raining at this point!

I still feel the need to explain that this image was captured in one photographic exposure.


Still Raining

I quite like the cinematic effect the rain created. The apparent grain isn't grain, it's rain.


It stopped raining, finally

As the rain stopped, the wind blew away any mist we were taking advantage off. I just about managed here to create some background seperation with a custom white balance added for effect.

Shortly after this was taken, there was literally no mist and the cinematic effect had gone. I felt like I just getting going and sadly we had to leave. By this point we were completely soaked through to the skin!


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great work, love the light effect. outstanding work 👍

 3 months ago  

Thanks @ykdesign it's a miracle to get this many shots with the weather like it was :-)

You made the bad weather look great! Make the bad weather a feature I guess.

 3 months ago  

Haha thanks, we didn't have a lot of choice. Once the rain had stopped it didn't look half as cinematic. This place needs mist!

Great planning by professionals one can also say then. It is perfect in a misty mood!

 3 months ago  

Mint stuff and mint night pal. Happy days mate.

 3 months ago  

Thanks pal, yes it was and I'm surprised to get this many shots...

Oh man, that second image is just epic. Really awesome work, particularly considering the elements were fighting you.

 3 months ago  

Thanks @wwwiebe familiarity with the camera and settings saved the day!