Dry Water

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Continuing to find the glass piece from Neo Silicate to be a very versatile tool. I love the texture it creates and in how many ways it can be used. I especially like how it can simulate the refractions of water. As I've done in previous series I rotate the object and the camera simultaneously. The first two sets of 3 are shot with the GoPro Hero 9 inside the object while it rotates and the last two sets are with the 'regular' Canon 6D outside the object with lights inside it.

Deep Pool

Lush River

Icy Flowers

Square Icy Flowers

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 last year  

So uniquely exquisite. Really great set of shots.

 last year  

Cheers mate! 😊

 last year  

Cracking shots and very trippy! Really good work 👏

 last year  

Cheers mate 😊

 last year  

The topography-esque outer is a real piece of work mate. Great to see you back on here again my friend and hope all is well.

 last year  

Glad you like it bud. I'm doing ok but need to get out more...

 last year  

I hear you on that one mate. In times gone by I was out 3 times a week. Nowadays it's more like 3 times every 6 months. Glad you're ok dude and catch you soon 👍

Another Dimension

!Discovery light

 last year  

The portals keep opening 😄

Very impressive work.

 last year  

Thank you!