Infinity Knots

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This is one of my favorite series from a session with the Ricoh Theta Z1. It was about a year ago when I decided to do multiple axis rotations, using my office chair as one of the axis but now I had a brand new camera: the Theta Z1, an upgrade on the Theta V which I used and abused since it came out. I still get amazed at the clarity this little camera can deliver. The lights are from a slit of light escaping my desk after a black background above it is pulled down. I also used an RGB laser.

The tricky part of these multiple axis rotations is that since one of the axis is manual (my office chair) I have to time its rotation to finish where it started. That is if I want to have the lines join which I definitely wanted in these. I wanted to have my Alpha and Omega and eat it.












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Wow, you took very special, beautiful pictures. This may be a higher degree of light painting. I don't understand anything from your description, but maybe it's okay. The point is that it was very spectacular and not made up of artificial intelligence or fractal software..

 last year  

Thank you! Yes, I have to work on my process description skills. 😂

Really nice effect, I can stare for a long time in front of that shapes 👌👌👌

 last year  

Thank you! I am guilty of doing the same. 😂

 last year  

Lush! Always innovating, never stop mate!

 last year  

Cheers mate! 😊

 last year (edited) 

Amazing loops and results dude! !discovery light

 last year  

Thanks mate :)