Oddballian Knots

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Unlike Gordian Knots, the Oddballian Knots are known to withstand any sharp weapons. Alexander the Great would be puzzled with these holographic knots. He'd have to use his mind to untie these.

Kiddin' aside, I've been at it again, rotating the Ricoh Theta Z1 on multiple axes. This time using the RGB lights inside my PC. I set the motherboard's RGB controller to stary light which is just a random flickering of colors on all the LEDs. I rotated the camera using my DIY Z-axis rotator while on a lazy susan being spun by hand.

At the base of the camera I had a piece of plastic from a fancy box of chocolates. I liked that it was radial and reflective providing a good solution to obscure the normally black blind spot on these cameras.

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 last year  

These are fantastic! Well done 👏

 last year  

thanks bud

 last year (edited) 

Another great Lightpainting Oddballian Knot. Very special!

!discovery light

 last year  

thanks a lot mate 😊

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