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In this series of 360 photos taken with the Ricoh Theta Z1 I used the same turntable/lazy susan as in previous posts but this time I covered it with a perforated steel trashcan (see bottom for a BTS GIF). Along with the rotation of the turntable the camera also rotates on its own axis. The lights are stationary and spread across my studio. On most of these I also used a green laser that I placed on the turntable.

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Thank you @mafufuma @dawnoner @sequentialvibe
Much appreciated! 😊

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Finest 360 setup and great results. ;-)

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Oh boy that's sick! 👏👏

Outerworldly! Great work!

This is amazing. And it is also great to see the animated GIF explaining how those pictures have been made. Thanks for the share!

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Thank you! My pleasure 😊