Robots in the City

in Lightpainters Unitedlast year

For this series I rolled down the black background paper above my illuminated desk to reveal just a slit and then I frantically swung my Gopro Hero 9 around. The advantage of doing this with an action camera instead of a DSLR is that it allows for faster movements without the danger of breaking a window.

One thing I don't like about the Gopro is how it handles blue highlights. Even if I had shot this in raw and native WB, which I didn't, it would have been a pain to get decent blues. But the culprit is also a particularly narrow spectrum COB LED on my desk.

Despite the bad blues, I like how a fair amount of these shots turned into something almost figurative. I saw robots in some and a city in others. Hence the title.

These are all 10 second exposures that I sometimes made shorter by covering the lens when enough light was captured.



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