Heart Attacks & Strokes Will Dangerously Rise Due To….Climate Change??!!

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The latest excuse from the establishment for rising rates of heart attack and stroke is "extreme heat waves spawned by climate change."

Instead of addressing the elephant in the room – the COVID-19(84) "vaccines" – the paper instead talks a whole lot about the weather and "greenhouses gas emissions" as being responsible for about 5,500 excess cardiovascular deaths every year.

In this video Dan Dicks of Press For Truth debunks this new idea that warm weather is causing a large spike in heart attacks and strokes while pointing to the obvious real culprit that is the mandatory Covid-19(84) vaccines.

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There is no sane government that should force her citizens against their wish or choice into taking vaccines. That is taking away their right as human and replacing it as robots.

It's November 2023, and a friend had a co-worker in his 20s due of heart failure at work. It seems sketchy to say the least. And it wasn't due to high heat.