Bill Gates Plans 3000 Social Media Influencers Unit To Spread “Accurate” Information on Vaccines!!!

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Bill Gates is questioning Elon Musk’s motives and future goals for Twitter and whether his drive to promote free speech is “sensible”, claiming that “he could make things worse”! The Microsoft co-founder then went on to announce that he plans to set up a 3,000-person social media unit to help propagate “accurate vaccine information” in the future.
He stressed that “good messages” need to be carried forward by people of trust in the community, such as political and ethnic leaders.

In this video Dan Dicks of Press For Truth flips the tables and questions Gates motives to create a gatekeeper unit of influencers as a propaganda arm of the WHO and CDC that will actually undermine free speech moving forward.

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Absolutely this sounds like a great idea. We should mandate jobs for everyone and we should make vaccine passports a reality and of course hand over all of the control in the world to our great overlord Bill Gates....