Mask Mandates LIFTED For Travel (Not For Canadians) But SHANGHAI PAINTS PICTURE OF WHAT’S TO COME!!!

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The CDC has conceded that masks will no longer be mandatory for travel (for now) as a US judge struck down Biden’s mask mandate for airplanes and other public transport methods on Monday causing many in mid flight to erupt in cheers of joy! For Canadians however it’s a different story as the Trudeau government is currently requiring anyone who enters the country to wear a mask in public for the next 14 days!

Meanwhile in Shanghai China over 25 million people have been forced into the strictest lockdown the world has ever seen as they kill pets, destroy crops and tell them with drones to “control your soul’s desire for freedom”.

In this video Dan Dicks of Press For Truth covers the latest reversal of the mask mandate, how it affects Canadians and Americans differently and most importantly why we need to see this as the eye of the hurricane or the calm before the storm as China is providing a clear blueprint for what’s coning next for the west!

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