Your Kids Are No Longer Safe…

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The world famous children’s TV show Sesame Street has ventured into the arena of propaganda with a new video encouraging kids as young as 3 years old to get a Covid-19(84) vaccine despite the fact that children in that age category are largely not effected by the virus.

Meanwhile a transgender skateboarder who identifies as a woman but is biologically a man and who is 29 years old is crushing his competition in the skateboarding world…10 to 14 year old girls…

In this video Dan Dicks of Press For Truth warns parents of the world to get their kids out of schools, get them out of summer camps that teach transgender ideology and keep them away from doctors as much as possible as none of these people can no longer be trusted.

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We absolutely need to promote real doctors that really help people and we need to get a list going of all these crazy people that are promoting crazy ideas and harming the children.

I see a big huge pushback coming.

Not all of these doctors are pushing medical tyranny.

And sesame Street is part of public broadcasting so definitely propaganda Central as well as ulterior motives.