WARNING: Covid-19(84) App Issues QR CODE RED “DIGITAL HANDCUFFS” To BLOCK Protesters From Gathering!

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Covid-19(84) is an Orwellian surveillance control grid that utilizes QR code technology to track, trace and database the movements of every person who succumbs to governmental tyranny who have accepting using these control measure tactics.

In other news Canada is updating its definition of “fully vaccinated” with no additional info on when the change will occur or how many doses will constitute "fully vaccinated”.

And “Do children need 10 boosters”? Rand Paul takes no prisoners with COVID-positive Fauci as they clash over vaccines for kids and financial disclosures in ANOTHER heated Senate battle.

In this video Dan Dicks of Press For Truth catches up on the latest news following his electronic detox and absence online which includes the Chinese governments use of a Covid-19(84) app to block protester’s freedom of movement and most importantly what are some things that you can do right now to mitigate the presence of big brother in your life.

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No surprise at all from the Chinese.
This is just one of the predator classes testing grounds.
Problem, reaction, solution.
Folks get busy shifting over to DAO's and privacy coins to keep as back up and to build a future.

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Not your keys, not your crypto, and this is clearly true of legacy financial systems as well as new ones. Having myself been defrauded by Citi, I deeply empathize with these poor folks... well, poor now, because the banksters have stolen their money!


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