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Hello, hello, hello, Hive! It's me again, I am @celle, this is my second blog and today I want to share my story about my Lolo since I was in grade 6.


This house gave me many memories, memories with my grandfather, I want to go back to the past but there is nothing to go back to but only memories. It hurts for me because I lived here when I was in grade 6.

So let's start.

One day, someone told my mother that my Lola was dead. I know how my mother feels because I saw in her eyes that she was sad, and I felt it.

That day, my mother rushed to my Lolo and Lola's house. When I found out my Lola was dead, I didn't have any reaction because honestly, I didn't know who they were in my life, and I didn't know where they lived because Mom and Dad didn't tell us, and they didn't introduce us when we were kids and I didn't know what their names were. Why didn't they say? why? Are they afraid to meet our grandparents? and what is the reason?

At times I did not have anger or pity because I did not know what to do at that time and another thing is that I did not know them, and I had never seen them in my whole life. I stopped when I felt the pity and pain in Mom's eyes, and the pity and concern dominated me so I just ignored the questions in my mind.

That day I went with my brother and sister because I wanted to meet them even though Grandma was gone.
When we got there, there were many people around Lolo and Lola's house.
I saw the sadness in their eyes.
That day I saw my Lolo was beside himself. He was alone as if deep in thought.

One day, my mother's siblings said that we were going to live there, so that we could take care of Grandpa because he was alone at home.
So my Mom agreed. A few days later we packed things to take to my Lolo and Lola's house.

And when we arrived at their grandparents' house, we arranged our things, so we will live there. I take care of grandpa with my elder brother and youngest, because dad comes home every day because he takes care of animals and Mom works as a manicurist to earn money and she is always away from home so my elder brother and youngest are with me to feed grandpa.


Even though grandpa's house was far from the school, I continued my education because it was important to me. I made a way to continue studying even though the situation was difficult, I continued and worked hard because I wanted to go home to my grandparents' house even if it was late at night.

We take care of grandpa even when the situation is difficult. There are people who behave well in front, but when you are not in front, he and she gossips about you to other people.


One day one of my mother's brothers was very angry while going to grandfather's house, he made many accusations and hurtful words about my mother and I don't know what the reason was.
I think the reason is jealous.
Some people are jealous.

So we left Grandpa's house. I have no choice but to leave. I can't tell my Mom if Grandpa will agree to leave here. Who will take care of him? he will be alone. But because of my mother's decision, I couldn't do anything but be angry, and feel sad for my grandfather.

I said goodbye to my Grandpa, It was so hard to say goodbye but I couldn't do anything to go back to his house. "Grandpa sorry". These words are always spoken in my mind.
The last day and time. "I don't know if I can ever come back to this house". And I said, "Goodbye".
We just left because I also knew the pain, words of one of his brothers.

When we got home, I saw Grandpa with a sad face and as if he didn't want to leave us.



I know Mom's decision but something is wrong, why? Is there something wrong? But I don't think about that anymore because I'm young but I already know what they're talking about but I don't care about what they're talking about anymore because they're talking about adults. I'm still young so I don't participate in their conversation because I have respect for elders.

I left my grandfather's house that I could not accept, I always wondered who would take care of him.

I can't leave him alone at home, so I go to see him when I don't have school, and there was one day I'll never forget, Christmas day, only Grandpa and I were at home, because my Mom wasn't there that day because she was so busy, so I just went to Grandpa's house and took care even though there was no food prepared for Christmas, the important thing was that I was here and took care of him, and this is the time! this is the day that I won't see him anymore, because someone is already taking care of him, and it's not me but Mom's sister.

After three years, I didn't hear from him because I didn't visit him anymore.

One day someone came to us, he was one of my mother's brothers and said that Grandpa was gone and there was a phrase I mentioned that day, the phrase "this is it, this is the day I won't see him anymore, and It's irreversible and I won't see him again."
I was not myself, but the next day I just accepted the pain in my chest because there was nothing I could do.

Others say,"when someone or your loved one is still alive, take good care of him or her so you won't regret it later."

Thank you for tireless reading and have a nice day everyone, hope you are doing well, too and see you in my next blog 😊.


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I know years has passed since both of your grandparents left. Did you have regrets? I hope none. Your grandpa will surely understand why you weren't able to visit him then. The most important thing is you treasure your memories of them.

It is very hard and painful to lose love ones. I pray for comfort to your heart

This is such a moving story.
It is sad to see our loved ones pass on, especially if you had a close relationship with them.
It is great that you made some time out of your busy schedule to go pay him a visit. These are the things they will remember you for and these are the memories that you will hold on to when they are no more.

Well done dear and thanks for sharing!

Memories last for ever. Even the ugly ones are the most hurtful,but what can we do? We only have to keep them as references,learning from them and telling ourselves not to make hurting mistakes. Thanks for sharing with us @celle.